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2018 Brand Story—Macao Original Fashion ExhibitionIII


Every touching story has unusual storylines and elements. How much you know about the story depends on your attitude to, curiosity about and exploration of it. We can easily figure out the brand logos on the clothing of people walking through streets and alleys, but how much do we understand the stories behind the brands? A number of independent original fashion brands have sprung up in Macao, as the SAR government vigorously promotes the local cultural and creative industries in recent years. In view of this, the Macao Fashion Gallery continues to organize the “2018 Brand Story—Macao Original Fashion Exhibition” this year, providing a platform for local original fashion brands to tell their own stories, through open call for brand stories, followed by evaluation and selection. Six fashion labels including I.N.K, Jade.L, alexis jordan, Nega C., Denimworks and ella épeler will be showcased and available to purchase in the exhibition. The exhibition is divided into three phases, with two brands to be shown in each phase. The event will start with the street fashion of I.N.K and gender-neutral designs of Jade.L, followed by alexis jordan’s male clothing of metropolitan improvisation as well as Nega C.’s sweet and romantic style in the second phase. It will be concluded by Denimworks’ jeans featuring unique craftsmanship and ella épeler’s totem illustrations. 2018 Brand Story—Macao Original Fashion ExhibitionIII: Denimworks Exhibition theme:Camoudream This concept exhibition, themed on 2017 Camoudream, is jointly created by Denimwork and Fortes Pakeong Sequeira, the founder of Blademark. Life is like changing weather, with sudden cloudbursts or sunshine; unpredictable storms are against our will. Somepeople stoop to compromise, are worldly wise and play it safe in order to protect themselves, or even change their own character and immerse in the environment. This gro...

2018 Brand Story—Pop-up Shop


Organized by Macao Fashion Gallery, the 2018 Brand Story—Pop-up Shop will bring fashion lovers a ...





Special Presentation of Brands/Designers

Fortes,Pakeong Sequeira
Ella Lei
Isa Tang
Isabella Choi
Jade Leong
Kris Chan
ella épeler
alexis jordan
Nega C.