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Fashion Interaction— Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao-Shenzhen Creative Fashion Exhibition


Cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area have homologous culture, close kinship, similar folk customs and complementary advantages. The creation of a humanistic bay area is one of the most important cooperation projects of the area. With the increasingly frequent exchanges in the bay area and the joint formation of a new chapter, the cities in the area will jointly integrate the fashion industry, financial capital, industry chain and Internet resources of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to jointly create a fashion name card for the Greater Bay Area.   In line with the implementation of national policies, the Macao SAR Government actively participates in the administrative policies for the development of the Greater Bay Area, promotes the integration of young people engaged in the cultural and creative industries into the construction of the bay area, and seizes opportunities to enrich its own development. The finale exhibition “Fashion Interaction—Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao-Shenzhen Creative Fashion Exhibition” of the Macao Fashion Gallery this year, brought together the outstanding works of cutting-edge fashion designers from the four central cities of the bay area—Guangzhou, Hong Kong,  Macao and Shenzhen, displaying the creative talents of contemporary young designers and creating a new fashion platform for exchanges, interaction and cohesion among the youth in the fashion industry from the four places, thus establishing a cornerstone for further development.   The exhibition featured the works of eight designers/teams, including (in no particular order): Coco Chi and Suiga Zhang from Guangzhou; Felix Tai and Jason Lee from Hong Kong; Jack Lam and Yaya Tam (as a team) and Eunice Chan and Gigi Wai (as a team) from Macao; Smile Xu and Esa Liang from Shenzhen. Each designer/team presented two representative creative costumes, a total of 16, ...

2019 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom


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Special Presentation of Brands/Designers

Jason Lee
Esa Liang梁冰琴
Esa Liang
Smile Xu
Suiga Zhang
Coco Chi
Felix Tai
Gigi Wai