SANCHIA LAU studied at Central Saint Martins and Central Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in fabric design and fashion design. She is the founder and chief designer of the brand, “SANCHIALAU”, under her name. Meanwhile, she works as the Senior Chief Planner of Crossover Art, Creative Business Department, Harper’s BAZAAR, in charge of crossover art projects and art and fashion activities, including “BAZAAR Photography” and “BAZAAR Wardrobe”. SANCHIA LAU has exhibited her works in places like London, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Macao, including “Textile and Wearable Art”, the solo fashion exhibition of “Dreams in Spring”, and “GRAHAM & Brown I-dott”. Besides the design of textile printing and exhibitions, she actively throws herself into fashion art education. In 2017, she was invited to launch Fashion & Art Youth Workshop by the Macao Museum of Art.



SANCHIALAU, founded in 2017, pays attention to the unique quality of modern women. Leveraging the creating techniques of the contemporary art, it interprets the spiritual and emotional features of females from the perspective of fashion art, conveys the “art in the wardrobe” into life, and turns life into a “gallery of fashion art”.

The brand’s creation integrates clothing and fabrics (knitted fabric, textile printing, and embroidery). It highlights the design and development of creative printing as well as crossover cooperation, including original artistic printing design, artistic printing products, crossover project planning, and fashion art education.



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Participated Designers

San Lee
Jane Chan
Ella Lei