Lexx Moda was founded by SANJO IONG in Northampton in United Kingdom in 2002, mainly selling women’s shoes designed by herself. IONG began to sell her design outside United Kingdom as she took part in shoes exhibitions all over Europe. Having established a company in Macao in 2003, she began to develop her individual women’s shoes brand by participating in exhibitions. IONG believes that casual slippers or flats with strong sense of personality best represent the brand’s design style. The designers are fond of new attempts on selections of colors and materials, trying to demonstrate their love for shoes on every work.   Brand:Lexx Moda Lexx Moda is a women’s shoes brand that highlights women’s personalities. The product lines it has launched each quarter all have a unique theme, and are launched to the market through large footwear exhibitions. The brand has gained recognition of and cooperation with large well-known companies. The products are usually launched in the form of best-selling brand series, adding infinite impetus on the way to create its own brand.   The brand is proud of its own design. The design inspiration comes from the designer’s personal experiences and feelings about the characteristics of local culture in different places, especially from handicrafts and designs in other countries and regions. In addition, designers dare to adopt different elements and materials in design to keep personal style, emphasizing the practicability of overall modelling and attempting to make quality, type, and comfort coexist in each product. Click for more brand information
San Lee, graduated from the Department of Integrated Design of Macao Polytechnic Institute and attended the “Diploma Course in Fashion Design and Production” in the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre. Created the local independent fashion design brand “ZICS” subsequently and participated in many fashion shows and exhibitions in Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China. Once invited by the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre to join the MaConsef incubation program and responsible for costume series design and fabric pattern design; also participated in the costume design for local musicals and various theatres. Now enjoys a wide range of creative life. In addition to fashion design, theatre costume design, graphic design and interior design are also covered.   Brand:“ZICS” brings a neutral and personalized image of black, gray and white to the city. The brand creation idea is to explore themes with experimental sense in the diversified urban life, create wearable and unique costumes with simple tailoring and personalized details, build a neutral image, and explore the possibility of asymmetry and hierarchy. “ZICS” wants to create a subtle connection with the wearer and the city through every piece of costume.     Click for more brand information
Common Comma is a fashion brand representing an urban, rebellious lifestyle. The brand believes that fashion is a combination of personal style and wearablity. We are not storytellers, nor poets, but we just focus on creating trendy, cutting edge products.   Click here for more brand information
“épeler” is a verb in the French phrase “ella épeler”, which is used when referring to an act of linking or joining things together. Adhering to the concept “Bring Your Attitude to Life”, ella épeler combines various elements in unconventional tailoring and integrates original illustrations and artistic ideas into its designs. By doing so, the brand produces fascinating clothing embodying the diversity and uniqueness of fashion, with an aspiration to turn them into treasures in the closet. ella épeler rolls out fashion items by series rather than seasons and makes innovative attempts through the inspiration of different dressing styles.   Click here for more brand information  
Was founded to creatively encourage people to confront fearlessly the challenges in life. Only when you believe in yourself, you will live a brilliant life. The spirit, together with inspirations and connections with different brands, demonstrates the essence of FORTITUDE: “Display Bravery against Adversity and Agony”. The brand offers diversified services and products in graphic design, graffiti, music, garments, illustrations and art.   Designer:Fortes, Pakeong Sequeira Pakeong held his first personal show in 2005 and has shown his works in Macao, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Malaysia, Singapore, Lisbon, and New York. He published his biography and collections “Experience∙Pakeong” in 2015. Besides being a visual art creator, he is also the lead vocal for a band, responsible for composing, lyrics writing, and singing. He led the band “Blademark” to put on frequent performances in Macao, Shanghai, and Australia, receiving raving reception at the events.   Click here for more brand information
GODDESS ARMOUR是波堤妮雅集團有限公司旗下的一間服裝品牌,以內衣,泳衣,高跟鞋為主要設計產品,繼後會推出手袋,飾品和香水,化妝品等一系女性產品,形象以高貴韻味帶出女性的性感。針對20-35歲的女性,處於獨立的事業性女性主意。“A woman with attitude.”是我們的標語。   Click here for more brand information