Brand:“ZICS” is founded in 2009, and its designers dig themes with experimental senses from the black and white ash world, work out the neutral stylish clothing collections, and explore the possibilities of asymmetry and gradation. Its clothing collections were showed on the Macau Fashion Festival, Macau Fashion Link, Macau Fashion Gallery and Hong Kong Fashion Festival, etc. “ZICS” also tries to create within the realm of various clothing design, including stage costumes and accessories, etc.   Designer, San Lee,  graduated from the Integrated Design Department of Macao Polytechnic Institute, and took the Fashion Design and Craft Diploma Courses of Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center in the period of 2007 and 2008. Thereafter, San positively participated in fashion activities and exhibitions, and he was invited by the Macau Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center to participate in the MaConsef Fashion Design Incubator Project as responsible for the clothing and images design from 2009 to 2012. In the year of 2009, he founded the fashion brand “ZICS” and also non-scheduled release design collections. San Lee enjoys his life to be a graphic interior and fashion designer. Click here for more brand information  
“Salut, ca va ?”- a casual and warm “Hello, how are you?” revolves around us every day, and the meaning stays the same regardless which hour of the day it is being said. Just as our brand stays true to preserve timelessness and remain unaffected by perceived trends, we believe it is most important to create pieces that fit our patrons. Established in Macau, a city enriched by Continental-European cultures, we hope to reflect this uniqueness through the French phrase, and also the vintage, lace designs in our feminine pieces, infused with romanticism.   One of the local Macau fashion brands, “Salut, ca va ?” is a women’s wear established in 2010, with a signature style in feminism and vintage romanticism,various collections featuring casual wear and attires perfect for special occasions.“Salut, ca va ?” offers tailor made services for male and female clients. Some of our creations include bridal gowns, cocktail dresses and special requested outfits for artists. In 2014, “Salut, ca va ?” began its own workshop to further evolve as an independent fashion brand, with an added focus on providing image consultation and costume design for clients including associations and corporations.   Designer:Akina Lei, graduated in Multi-Media Design at Macao Polytechnic Institute, and went on to obtaining the Fashion Design & Manufacturing Diploma at The Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM). In the few years following her graduation, Akina has gained her experiences as a Fashion Merchandiser and Image Consultant,both positions at staple corporate in Macau, which had led her to find inspiration in creating her own collection and was featured alongside other designers at fashion shows and exhibitions. With positive response received from the field, Akina started her fashion label “Salut, ca va ?” in 2010. Click here for more brand information
Brand : Worker Playground was found in 2010, a fashion label that reflects the street culture of Macao. The label uses the old Macau Workers Stadium as design concept and namesake, tying into the collective memory and sentiment of Macao people. The label focuses on menswear, using variations of classic style as theme, adding Macao elements such as Macao aviation history, rock-n-roll festival, Macao specialty sport Jai Alai and hockey, as well as Macao Grand Prix in the design of the clothes. By manifesting local culture, the label aims to localize classic style clothing, making them into a style that is different from what can be found elsewhere.   Designer: Vincent Cheang, a designer, media producer and musician He joined Radio Macau broadcasting in 1989; founded the EPH–Eureka Production House Design Company in 1995 and left Radio Macau in 1999, went on to participate in the establishment of Green Village 738 Radio Station, serving as Programme Director. In the same year, he graduated from the Graphic Design Department of Macao Polytechnic Institute. In 2005, Vincent established the XL CREATION Entertainment Production Company while serving as a tutor in design and illustration for Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre (CPTTM). In 2007, he formed the L.A.V.Y. Band and, in the following year, he founded the Live Music Association (LMA), engaging in music promotion and exchanges; In 2010, he created his own original clothing brand–Worker Playground. In 2012, he established the Union Design & Planning Co. Ltd. and is now a guest lecturer of Macao Polytechnic Institute and a lecturer of arts and designs programme of CPTTM.   Click here for more brand information  
Soul is a womenswear fashion label created in 2016. Soul adopts black and white as its theme, using high quality fabric, professional tailoring, and 3D cutting to create an asymmetric style which articulates the distinct personality and beauty of a curvy woman. The label aims to present the intelligence and individual charms of women while maintaining quality and comfort for the wearer.   Designer, Leo Wong,graduated with a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering from The University of Hong Kong and a Master of Science Diploma in Engineering Business Management from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Leo participated in the Pure London Fashion Show and the Hong Kong Fashion Week in 2013. He then went on to participate in the Paris Fashion Week in 2014. In 2015, Leo received a Marketing Planning Award from the Hong Kong Apparel Society and in 2016, received an Award for the Best Small and Medium-Sized Business in Hong Kong from the Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business. Leo is currently the Chief Designer of the iGift Uniform Limited. Click here for more brand information
“MACON”, founded in 2013. It is the first Macanese original brand to launch on the T-Mall, an online integrated shopping platform. The design style of MACON centers on “slow life, light trip”, with its products having comfort and simplicity as their main tone to create the senses of unisex and literal arts youth. Click here for more brand information
JADE.L was created in 2014. The label interprets neutral aesthetics through texture and design details, infusing personality into every piece of design work. “Be Yourself” is the design principle, believing that clothing does not represent trends, it is a vehicle to articulate unique sense of beauty and style, defining the neutral fashion beauty of Macao.   Designer:Jade Leong, she has got a strong passion in clothing design. After she graduated from high school, she went to Taiwan to study the major of fashion design at Shin Chien University. Meanwhile, she got great honors in many design contests in Macao and International places. She kept working as a fashion designer in Macao after she finished her degree in Taiwan, established her own fashion brand JADE.L and opened her own shop in 2016.   Click here for more brand information