Inarticulate in childhood, Fortes Pakeong Sequeiradeveloped a strong interest in drawing through which he is able to express his inner world. His paintings drawdirectly on walls depicting instant and ephemeral images and moments that appear in his mind. After graduating from university, Pakeong dedicated himself to the graphic design industry as an amateur artist. In 2005, he launched his first solo exhibition “Mad! Mad! Mad! Fortes Sketches” in Ox Warehouse. In 2008 he became a full-time artist. In 2009, with a permanent marker in hand, he appeared in Art Beijing as a live painter for the first time, creating a single-color art piece over four consecutive days (7.2m width, 2.4m height). Since then, he organized solo exhibitions across Macao, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Malaysia, Singapore, Lisbon, New York, etc. featuring his permanent markers and canvas. In 2015, he launched his autobiography and work collection Experiencing: Fortes. In addition to being a visual art creator, Pakeong is also the lead vocalist of the band “Blademark” responsible for writing lyrics, composing and performing. He leads the band to perform frequently in Macao, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Beijing, Taipei, Australia, etc., receiving great popularity among the audience.
Ella Lei,A post-1980s born in Macao, Ella is a graduate from the Design Department, School of Art, MacaoPolytechnic Institute, majoring in multimedia design. She worked as art and animation designer during four years, while taking a fashion design diploma program. She is currently a freelance designer passionate about illustration and fashion design, hoping to progress by merging both. She is actively participating in exhibitions and fashion events, working on her own fashion label “ella épeler”.   Brand:The brand name ella épeler contains a French word ‘épeler’, which is some sort of conjunction and is used often when referring to an act of linking or joining things together. Adhering the concept ‘Bring Your Attitude To Life’, ella épeler experiments with combining various elements in unconventional tailoring and with integrating original illustrations and artistic ideas into its designs, and so on. By doing so, the brand produces fascinating clothing embodying the diversity and uniqueness of fashion, with an aspiration to turn them into treasures in the closet, apart from offering more choices for the buyers. ella épeler rolls out items by series rather than seasons and makes audaciously creative attempts inspired by people’s different dressing styles. Click for more brand information
Isa Tang is the founder of Alexis Jordan Designs Limited, a premium men’s outerwear brand. Before creating the brand, Isa worked extensively with womenswear and menswear brands focusing on woven items. While collaborating with designers of Burberry, Coach and Polo Ralph Lauren, Isa developed a keen fashion sense and decided to launch Alexi Jordan—a label that offers high-quality and stylish woven menswear at reasonable prices.   Brand:alexis jordan Established in 2014, at alexis jordan, we believe in producing premium menswear focused entirely on the marriage between style, function and versatility. Each piece is designed to take you seamlessly from a boardroom meeting to a trendy downtown lounge. With an internationally renowned team of designers and dressmakers, alexis jordan uses fabrics exclusively from high quality foreign sources. As such we offer the modern gentleman a selection of clothes that is both modern and charismatic, characterized by the perfect combination between comfort and luxury. Click for more brand information
Isabella Choi , Fashion Design has always been an interest in Isabella’s life. At the age of 15, Isabella has made a decision of crossing half the world to the UK to continue her study and passion in Fashion Design. In 2010, Isabella has graduated from BA Fashion Design in Kingston University, London. Now,with the expectation of bringing more creativity of fashion in life. Isabella is ready to take the step to create her own Fashion Brand, NEGA C. Brand: ‘NEGA.C’ is fashionable and cool, as its designer has the wildest dreams of the world. NEGA.C has sought great inspirations from street cultures, i.e. music, architectures, art and fashion; its creation is styled like a cute and mischievous girl. By presenting design elements and popular information in different forms, it is hoping to blend creativity into every day’s life and to experience creativity with sensibility.   Click for more brand information
Jade Leong, is a local fashion designer with a strong passion for fashion since her youth. She took courses related to fashion design at the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre and studied fashion design at the Shih Chien University in Taiwan, during which she won great honors in many international and Macao’s fashion design contests. Leong keeps working as a fashion designer after she completed her degree in Taiwan and returned to Macao, and has founded her own fashion brand JADE.L   Brand:“JADE.L” is a local fashion label, focusing on the idea of neutral aesthetics. With the persistence of revealing its product’s texture and detail, JADE.L penetrated its own style in its products. JADE.L designs are strongly inspired by the idea “Be yourself”, therefore, its products are not focusing on fashion trend, but to show its unique interpretation of beauty and style, building up a Macao local neutral fashion label.   Click for more brand information
A Macao native, Kris Chan graduated from the Department of Fashion Design at College of Design under the Shih Chien University in Taiwan, and has had ten years of work experience in the clothing industry. He has been an artist stylist, designer of women’s and men’s clothing respectively for Taiwan fashion brand Mademoiselle SiSi and GOZO. He also worked as a fashion and product designer for Macau Creations, brand designer for Soda Panda and fashion designer for Gino & Dino of Venetian Macao. Chan first launched “Twinkle, Twinkle”, a junior wear fashion show at the Macao Fashion Festival during the Macao International Trade & Investment Fair in 2011 and establishedNEVERKNOWStudio as his personal design workspace in 2015. He has held 11 illustration activities in Hong Kong and Macao upon the invitation from fashion brand Burberry, and organized joint events in collaboration with a number of brands, including Taiwan’s Wind Salon, FFLives, 25:01, Bangkok’s Thorny Mouse as well as Macao’s E-Spark and Inky Store.   Brand:I.N.K I.N.K was co-founded in 2016 by fashionista Inky Leong and designer Kris Chan from Macao. The brand name created with their initials denotes “ink” and connotes “idea overflow in ink”, that is, translation of inspirations into memorable ink creations. With an emphasis on innovation and cultural diversity, I.N.K develops original, market-oriented series using local cultural elements, including those of art and music to spread the spirit of Macao’s fashion brands. Click for more brand information