Brand Story – Macao Original Fashion Exhibition III


Theme: “IN LINE”


The Brand:

ZICS was created in 2009. The designer only uses black, white, and grey colors to develop experimental themes, designing gender neutral styles that explore the possibilities of asymmetry and layers. ZICS collections had graced the catwalks of “Macao Fashion Festival” and “Hong Kong Fashion Week”. The designer loves to explore different creative forms, including stage costumes and fashion accessories.


Design Concept:

This collection is an extension of the latest ZICS Spring/Summer collection “IN LINE”. The “IN LINE” collection uses stripes as its main feature. The designer continues to display his love for black, white, and grey, putting stripes of these colours with sheer fabrics in many imaginative ways, whether traditional or irregular cuts. Each arrangement of stripes is formed meticulously, expressing the stylish and unique features of the feminine form.


“IN LINE” extends the design concept of the original “IN LINE” collection, using different stripes to create unique space, creating a distinctive atypical visual experience for the audience.


Salut, ça va?

Theme: Renaissance


The Brand:

The label was established in 2010. “Salut, ça va?” is French for “Hello, everything OK?” This warm hello is unhindered by time or style. The label also insists on timeless design styles that transcend time and trends, considering that all people should have their own style of dressing. Femininity in retro romantic style is the main theme for “Salut, ça va?”, nonchalantly radiating nostalgic French culture in every aspect. Each collection has daily wear and special occasion lines. It also provides custom-tailor services for both men and women clients.


Design Concept:

Just like the brand logo, the exhibition space uses black and white as its theme color. To match with the romantic style of the label, a romantic poem hand-written in marker-style calligraphy will be created as the backdrop. The exhibition is a renaissance of the particularly representative “Salut, ça va?” pieces created during its six years of history. Each collection is set in a 3D frame to capture its distinctive time reference. Butterflies signify the metamorphosis and growth of the label during those times. The overall clean and crisp look aims to give prominence to the distinctive beauty of each collection.


Participated Designers

San Lee
Akina Lei