Brand Story – Macao Original Fashion Exhibition II


Theme: Soul


The Brand

Soul is a womenswear fashion label created in 2016. Soul adopts black and white as its theme, using high quality fabric, professional tailoring, and 3D cutting to create an asymmetric style which articulates the distinct personality and beauty of a curvy woman. The label aims to present the intelligence and individual charms of women while maintaining quality and comfort for the wearer.


Design Concept:

Soul, the theme of this collection, is created for women aged between 20 and 40. It is a collage of young people going after assertiveness, finding a way to live the real self, and embracing the feminine charm, thereby releasing their real steps. The experiences cumulate into a new vision, looking at life at a brand new perspective.

We are living in a kaleidoscopic world, materialistically abundant. In one’s life journey, urbanites always possess too many and too easy-to-get choices and frequently neglect to enrich their minds. Soul therefore decide to re-interpret black and white through this exhibition, by overlaying the colors on 3D cutting and asymmetric cutting to raise the request for something different and the desire for an enriched heart of the young women.


Worker Playground

Theme: Worker Playground Garage


The Brand

Worker Playground was found in 2010, a fashion label that reflects the street culture of Macao. The label uses the old Macau Workers Stadium as design concept and namesake, tying into the collective memory and sentiment of Macao people. The label focuses on menswear, using variations of classic style as theme, adding Macao elements such as Macao aviation history, rock-n-roll festival, Macao specialty sport Jai Alai and hockey, as well as Macao Grand Prix in the design of the clothes. By manifesting local culture, the label aims to localize classic style clothing, making them into a style that is different from what can be found elsewhere.


Design Concept:

Worker Playground is a fashion trend leading Macao label, adopting local history and culture as its theme, using them to interpret local stories from a fashion perspective. The label worked with Macao Grand Prix Organizing Committee in 2016 to create the “50th Macao Motorcycle Grand Prix” collection. Motorcycle therefore takes a leading role in this exhibition. The venue will be made into a garage that exudes an aura of masculinity and brawniness. All items are motorcycle wears, draping over cloth rack that resemble helmets and toolboxes, hoping to match the rugged style of Worker Playground.


Participated Designers

Vincent Cheang
Leo Wong