Esther Leong, specializing in fashion design and art creation, Leong Man Teng got both her bachelor degree in fine arts and her master degree in western painting from the National Taiwan Normal University. From 2009 to 2014, Leong Man Teng taught visual art at Kwong Tai Middle School, Macao. In 2012, she completed the “CPTTM Diploma Program for Fashion Design and Manufacture”, after which she was invited to join the “CPTTM Fashion Incubator Programme” as a designer for the brand “MaConsef.” In 2014, Leong Man Teng created her own fashion brand, “GELÉE”.


Brand: In French, “GELÉE” means “Jelly”. Roughly speaking, it is a dessert that is made by mixing water, sugar, fruit juice and edible gelatin to form an elastic substance. The shape-shifting feature and the sweetness of jelly are a metaphor for the spirit of the brand “GELÉE”. We hope our brand is tailored to every customer’s needs, and we endeavor to create avant-garde and aesthetic clothing by transforming the materials used and with creativity. Therefore, the customer will be able to explore an infinite number of possibilities and fascinating aspects of wearing.



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