Jade Leong, is a local fashion designer with a strong passion for fashion since her youth. She took courses related to fashion design at the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre and studied fashion design at the Shih Chien University, during which she won great honors in many international and Macao’s fashion design contests. Leong keeps working as a fashion designer after she completed her degree  and returned to Macao, and has founded her own fashion brand JADE.L


Brand:“JADE.L” is a local fashion label, focusing on the idea of neutral aesthetics. With the persistence of revealing its product’s texture and detail, JADE.L penetrated its own style in its products. JADE.L designs are strongly inspired by the idea “Be yourself”, therefore, its products are not focusing on fashion trend, but to show its unique interpretation of beauty and style, building up a Macao local neutral fashion label.



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