Sharing Session –“The impact of 20th-century fashion culture on fashion trend nowadays”

To accompany the on-going “Classic Recurrence‧CentennialEvolution” — Exhibition of Women’s Fashion, the Macao Fashion Gallery will specially organize a Sharing Session –“The impact of 20th-century fashion culture on fashion trend nowadays”. Ms. Joel Lee, a lecturer of fashion design from Hong Kong, will be invited to be the speaker and she will address on the theme of exploring how the fashion culture of the 20th century influences today’s fashion trends, how the fashions prevailed during that century and what the social and cultural background was. By appreciating the fashion culture of different decades, the participants can broaden their horizons and mindset, and be inspired for fashion design ideas and enlarge space for creation.



  1. Briefing introduction of the 20th century fashion
  2. Appreciation of Current Fashion Trend
  3. Difference between 20th Century Fashion and Nowadays Retro
  4. Historical Cultural Elements in relation to Fashion Dress
  5. The last Century led to Today’s Design Inspiration



Joel Lee graduated from the Swire School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She loved drawing from an early age, and was a graphic designer, advertising and books illustrator when grew up.In 1992, Joel was indulging in fashion design and fashion illustration, and finally became fashion and image designer after further advanced studies.


Recent years, she exits from the commercial design industry. Teaching becomes the main job. Now Joel is Lecturer of Hong Kong Design Institute and Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center, subjects taught included Fashion Design, Fashion Illustrations, Cultural Studies, etc., accumulated more than fifteen years of teaching experience. And she still loves drawing in her leisure time.




Time: 19:00-21:00


Venue: 10Fantasia-A Creative Industries Incubator – C01Showroom


Suitable for: Macao Fashion Designer, Student & Person who interested in Fashion culture


Language: Cantonese


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Participating Designers

Joel Lee