Introduction Macao Fashion Gallery
In recent years, Macau SAR Government has been actively promoting apposite diversification of economic development in Macau. Development of culture and creativity industry is one of the key focuses. In 2011, over 28 million tourists visited Macau, putting Macau onto the map of popular tourism and leisure cities of the world. Embracing our distinct advantages as a tourism destination as well as our rich historical and cultural background, Macau Cultural Affairs Bureau and Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center worked together to set up . The project aims to support the Macau SAR Government’s initiative on development of culture and creativity industry by actively promoting the development of fashion art and related industries in Macau.

Macao Fashion Gallery is a three-storey building located at Rua de S. Roque, No. 47, Macau. It is part of Bairro de São Lázaro of Macau. In 1984, Bairro de São Lázaro was being listed as one of Macau’s cultural heritage sites. In recent years, many art and cultural events were held in the area, including many fashion shows by local designers. The area is richly ornate with nostalgia, making it the ideal place to showcase the fruits of fashion art in Macau.

Macao Fashion Gallery is created as a vehicle to promote and showcase fashion. By regularly organizing different types of fashion and art related events, the Gallery is to become a Macau central point to exhibit fashion designs. Besides trying to attract visitors from all over the world, these events also aim to heighten awareness of local citizens over fashion design and related industries. The Gallery serves as an interactive window for fashion art education, academic exchanges, display of different culture, and mutual communication. It is a multi-facet platform to assist development of fashion related elements within the culture and creativity industry of Macau.

Besides organizing exhibitions and events for local fashion designers, overseas and mainland designers are also invited to showcase their collections at . It helps to strengthen communication between local and overseas fashion designers. These international events can also bring the latest fashion news and design trends into Macau. Spreading the name of Macau fashion designer overseas is instrumental in raising Macau’s reputation in the Asian and international stage of fashion design.

Opening Hours:                                                                               

From 10:00 am to 8:00 pm daily except on Mondays.The Gallery remains open on public holidays.