Vincent Cheang,

A designer, media producer and musician He joined Radio Macau broadcasting in 1989; founded the EPH–Eureka Production House Design Company in 1995 and left Radio Macau in 1999, went on to participate in the establishment of Green Village 738 Radio Station, serving as Programme Director. In the same year, he graduated from the Graphic Design Department of Macao Polytechnic Institute.

In 2005, Vincent established the XL CREATION Entertainment Production Company while serving as a tutor in design and illustration for Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre (CPTTM). In 2007, he formed the L.A.V.Y. Band and, in the following year, he founded the Live Music Association (LMA), engaging in music promotion and exchanges; In 2010, he created his own original clothing brand–Worker Playground. In 2012, he established the Union Design & Planning Co. Ltd. and is now a guest lecturer of Macao Polytechnic Institute and a lecturer of arts and designs programme of CPTTM.



Worker Playground is a fashion trend leading Macao label, adopting local history and culture as its theme, using them to interpret local stories from a fashion perspective. The label worked with Macao Grand Prix Organizing Committee in 2016 to create the “50th Macao Motorcycle Grand Prix” collection. Motorcycle therefore takes a leading role in this exhibition. The venue will be made into a garage that exudes an aura of masculinity and brawniness. All items are motorcycle wears, draping over cloth rack that resemble helmets and toolboxes, hoping to match the rugged style of Worker Playground.

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