Brand: Through our collections, Anna Noir offers consumers a show where they appear as the main actors. In the clothes, the audience finds an open door where they live their own fantasies. Involved in linear guides, are the starting point where the different art from becomes the key element.


Designer , Ana Cardoso,  early in her childhood the designer learned painting and has once learned painting techniques from the well-known senior painters Miao Pengfei and Yuan Zhiqin in Macao. In 1998 she began working as a model, and then decided to attend relevant courses and stop modeling. She continued to participate and organized several fashion design shows. After completing the master programme of fashion design, she began todesign and make clothes for different magazines.In 2010 after she returned to Macao,her career as a fashion designer began. She has also been given the Award of Merit in the Fashion Painting Competition organized by CPTTM. In addition to operating her own brand, she is engaged in education to cultivate a new generation of fashion designers in Macao.



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