Brand: In French,”GELÉE” is “Jelly”. The dessert mix with water, sugar, fruit juice and edible gelatin. Jelly changing shape and sweet temperament as spirit of the brand “GELÉE”. We hope that to create avant-garde clothing through transform fabrics, special theme to show the costume uniqueness.


In addition to fashion design, designer also are painting artist. She believes that Fashion design includes a sense of art, creativity, sense of the times. Just like jelly indispensable water, sugar and fruit juice. “GELÉE”’s costume always generated by art and utility.


Designer, Esther Leong, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Department of Fine Arts of National Taiwan Normal University and Master at the Western Painting Class in the same Department of Fine Arts. Her main development direction is fashion design and artistic creation.


Esther Leong finished CPTTM Fashion Design and Manufacturing Diploma Programme in 2012, and her graduation project ‘Chinese Painting’ won the best work and the best colour scheme award. She was then invited to join the CPTTM’s MaConsef, and she set up herown brand “GELÉE” in 2014.


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