Brand: ‘Nega C.’ is fashionable and cool, as its designer has the wildest dreams of the world. Nega C. has sought great inspirations from street cultures, i.e. music, architectures, art and fashion; its creation is styled like a cute and mischievous girl. By presenting design elements and popular information in different forms, it is hoping to blend creativity into every day’s life and to experience creativity with sensibility.


Designer:Isabella Choi , Fashion Design has always been an interest in Isabella’s life. At the age of 15, Isabella has made a decision of crossing half the world to the UK to continue her study and passion in Fashion Design. In 2010, Isabella has graduated from BA Fashion Design in Kingston University, London. Now,with the expectation of bringing more creativity of fashion in life. Isabella is ready to take the step to create her own Fashion Brand, Nega C..


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