Victor Lao Ka Weng is a fashion designer and stylist. He has had years’ experience working with high-end fashion brands and he is both insightful and enthusiastic about the fashion industry. Victor brought “unEnding”, a menswear brand, to Macao in 2015. He has often sponsored celebrities with clothing, worked closely with businesses to draw up plans for future development, worked as a costume designer for artists from Hong Kong and Macao, worked as a stylist for music videos, and served as an image consultant for various events and conferences. In 2016, Victor created his own brand—CLÁSSICO MODERNO, so that his ideas would materialize and become concrete designs on the market. He is devoted to original clothing designing, styling, and brand promotion. He is currently the Executive Director of the unEnding Macau Limited and the Creative Director of CLÁSSICO MODERNO.



Classic and modern values are blended in CLÁSSICO MODERNO. The brand concentrates on combining art and culture, fully utilizing the natural fusion of different colors and shapes to pour soul into the design, thus reflecting its unique charm and insight. “CLÁSSICO MODERNO” primarily focuses on men’s suits and accessories and has two different branches: classic simple style and modern luxury style. Both are known for their fashionable design and exquisite cutting. In addition, custom-made high-end suits are also available.