Lexx Moda is a female brand that excels in concepts and design which highlight women’s personality and styles. Each season, it launches a product line with a unique theme and debuts it to the market through major shoe exhibitions. Lexx Moda has been recognized by large well-known companies and cooperated with them.Showcasing its best-selling brand series has added charming vitality to the brand.   The brand insists on its own designs, which incorporate elements inspired by such local culture as handicrafts and designs from various countries and regions that its designers encounter during their trips. In order to maintain distinguished personal style, the designers boldly incorporate other design elements into the work so that the shoes not only display a beautiful look but also have a practical function. Each product maintains a high level of quality, style and comfort.   Designers:SANJO IONG SANJO IONG, an independent women’s shoe designer, founded the brand Lexx Moda in the small town of Northampton, Britain in 2002.   Initially, SANJO IONG participated in exhibitions all over Europe through which she accumulated experience and expanded sales outside Britain. In 2003, she established a company in Macau and concentrated her focus on women’s shoes. Casual and personalized slippers or flats are products that highlight SANJO IONG’s style. She incorporates new colors and materials to keep integrating elements inspired from all over the world. She strives to show her passion for shoes and insure the best experience.   Click here for more brand information  
No.42 is a local fashion design brand that values “freedom from restraints and life with an attitude”. Its designers believe everyone has “multiple personalities” and that clothes are media in which one’s ideas and feelings can be expressed. A style, whether it is cool, disobedient, elegant, intellectual or mixed, as long as it captures one’s mood, can all be expressed through different outfits. The design of the brand is one that features asymmetrical tailoring and the use of fabrics of different textures to create interwoven patterns, as well as beautiful details to make styles of all kinds. Different clothing items can match to make a variety of styles that reflect the attitude of liberty. That is how fashion is brought beyond the stage into the daily life of the wearer. In addition to occasional launches of different collections, No.42 also provides customisation and styling services for customers of all kinds.   Designer:Ophelia Vong and Venus Tou  Ophelia Vong and Venus Tou majored in Fashion Design and Merchandising at Shih Chien University, Kaohsiung Campus. As college students, they worked for fashion shows as activity assistants in Macao and Taiwan regions,coordinated the design and layout of venues for static exhibitions of graduation works. After their return to Macao, as an extension of their interest in and passion for fashion design, they jointly opened a studio and founded the fashion brand No.42 in 2019.   Click here find more brand information  
  The ethnic fashion brand pursues simplicity and the personal touch. From design to pattern making and sewing, the entire production process takes place in Macao, including bespoke services. Only skin-friendly materials and double-stranded threads are chosen with meticulous care to ensure comfortable experience. Click here for more brand information          
“S&E Handmade” was founded by Macao handicraft artist Erica Leong in 2017. The label mainly creates handmade homeware and fashion accessories. The label’s feature items are made with polymer clay, a material popular in Europe for more than 80 years. The creative concept of the label is continuous learning, using the distinctive advantages of the east-meet-west culture of Macao to constantly innovate, striving to create one-and-only handmade items for every customer. Click here for more brand information      
Committed to building a museum of accessories, the brand offers unique accessories as precious as museum collections made of rare stones or independently developed materials. These products demonstrate a variety of styles including the intricate Art Nouveau style and minimalist modern style.   Click here find more brand information  
FAITH & FEARLESS (FF) upholds the idea of believing in and staying true to oneself. The brand was established in 2016 by a team of designers from Macao, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The designers have been nurtured and influenced by Cantonese culture from a young age, including classic 80’s and 90’s Hong Kong movies, popular Cantonese pop songs, funny comedy shows, and gourmet food from cha chaan tengs and food stalls, so they are bound together by shared topics and experiences. They also have different personalities and preferences, but in a team that embraces diversity, they are open-minded towards designs and different cultures.   Design team introduction:Todot Design & Planning Limited Todot Design & Planning Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Todot Design”)is a design group with great diversity. Its members come from Macao, Hong Kong and Mainland China with different cultural backgrounds that nurture their creation. In 2014, Todot Design created the design brand ULTRAWORKS, which combines avant-garde design language with brand-new ideas to bring everyone a unique product experience, making life on earth better and more interesting. ULTRAWORKS has won numerous design awards for its products including the Good Design Award (Japan), A’ Design Award – Platinum Award (Italy), Successful Design Awards, China Good Design Award, Red Star Design Award, Design Intelligence Award TOP 100 and the HKDA Global Design Awards – Silver Award. Additionally, Todot Design has been continuously enriching its products and created the fashion brand FAITH & FEARLESS (FF) in 2016. FF adopts a novel and bold design style to attract wider attention, and so far has gained recognition and support among celebrities and trendsetters. Todot Design will continue to promote its brand and products at different levels.   Click here for more brand information