Milk Ng , a fashion lover, studied fashion design at the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre. As a designer for uniforms, wedding dresses and evening wear, she has designed clothing for various agencies and local events. Committed to promoting local originality, she has recently launched her own brand and collection providing services including clothing design, sewing and manufacturing, ranging from mass production to bespoke clothing, garment alternation and special design of accessories catering to customers’ needs. Be it business attire or leisurewear, her designs display a trendy twist, embodying global fashion trends in simple yet elegant style.


Brand:L.A.C.Y. Boutique’s has 20 years of experiences in fashion design and manufacture; L.A.C.Y. Boutique’s business area includes bridal wear, ball gown, uniform and more. Throughout the years L.A.C.Y. Boutique have been working with local fashion designers and artists, lately L.A.C.Y. Boutique have started producing their own bridal and ball gown labels, together they are working hand in hand to promote the local creative scene. L.A.C.Y. Boutiquealso provide all kinds of design, tailoring and manufacture services; from jean amendment, to tailor made items and mass-produced products.


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