“3D Cube Play” Fashion Exhibition

An ordinary piece of two- dimensional fabric, after going through the process of creative design, modification, and metamorphosis, can become a three- dimensional piece of art. This is exactly what this exhibition wishes to show, fashion and art can become one. Fashion can also be an object of art, giving visitors the double pleasure of enjoying a fashion show and an art exhibition at the same time.

Pieces on exhibition are showing that within a finite cube, with no limitation on use of fabric, under boundless creativity in design and craftsmanship, the resulting three- dimensional fashion of art can be so attractive and eye-opening.



Participated Designers

Ella Lei
Connie Wong
Maecenas Ng
Sally Chen
Tinny Chao
Wu Wu
Paula Chan
Joseph Wong
Kate Chan
Zero Lei
Emily Lui
Suznn Sou
Maggie Chan
Penny Choi
Evelyn Chan