2012.10.13 - 2013.1.20

“3D Cube Play” Fashion Exhibition

An ordinary piece of two- dimensional fabric, after going through the process of creative design, modification, and metamorphosis, can become a three- dimensional piece of art. This is exactly what this exhibition wishes to show, fashion and art can become one. Fashion can also be an object of art, giving visitors the double pleasure of enjoying a fashion show and an art exhibition at the same time.

Pieces on exhibition are showing that within a finite cube, with no limitation on use of fabric, under boundless creativity in design and craftsmanship, the resulting three- dimensional fashion of art can be so attractive and eye-opening.


2012.6.30. - 2012.10.7

Resurgence of the Qi Style Fashion Exhibition

As the first exhibition of <Macao Fashion Gallery>, we have invited well known fashion designers from Greater China to present their collections for the “Resurgence of the Qi Style” exhibition in Macao. They include winner of Top 10 Chinese Designer Award Mr Qu Tingnan (Guangdong Association of Garment and Garment Article Industry), renowned Taiwanese designer Miss Pun Dai Lee (Taiwan Weaving Fabric Designer Association), awards winning Hong Kong fashion designer Miss Janko Lam (Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association), and Macao’s own seasoned designer Miss Kitty Ng.


“Qi Style” clothing is the traditional attire for the Manchuria Tribe of China, also the origin of the modern qipao. Fusing western elements with Chinese charisma, the “Qi Style” fashions being exhibited blend classic Chinese and western elements into a unique style. A new east-meet-west look has been created to grace the stage of <Macao Fashion Gallery>.


“Resurgence of the Qi Style” exhibition will start on 30th June 2012 and runs for a period of three months.