2013.8.31 - 2013.10.27

Magic of Creation – Costume Exhibition for Original Musical

From creating innovative adaptations to traditional clothing to exchanging inspirational forces with international style gurus, Macao Fashion Gallery has always taken the role of constructing the most fashionable stage for Macao, helping to show the world the joie de vivre of Macao’s fashion design industry.


In recent years, development of Macao fashion design has broadened its scope from daily lives to stage performances.  Many designers are actively working with local stage costume designers to create a new dimension of development for fashion designers in Macao.  In light of this, Macao Fashion Gallery has decided to create our “Magic of Creation – Costume Exhibition for Original Musical <Myth of Fox>” to showcase a successful cross culture cooperation between local fashion designers and stage performance artists.


The original musical <Myth of Fox> is a masterpiece produced jointly by creative talents from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao.  On costume design, CPTTM has especially recruited a team of local fashion designers to create a set of elaborate costumes for the show.  Senior stage costume designer Kenneth Leung from Hong Kong was invited as the director for this project.  The result is a series of bold, ground-breaking, and eye-catching stage costumes which became a critical factor to help the show in winning numerous praises from the audience.  A total of 16 stage costumes will be shown in the exhibition, including the special creation crafted by costume director Kenneth Leung and four Macao designers: Sandy Ho, Carlos Wong, San Lee, and Akina Lei.  The exhibition brings the costumes into close contact with the audience, allowing them to relive the innovation created for <Myth of Fox> as well as strengthening their awareness on the talent of Macao’s own fashion designers.


This exhibition is supported by Chinese Cultural Exchange Association.  The exhibition goes from 31st August to 27th October 2013.  Macao Fashion Gallery is closed on Mondays and opens during public holidays.


2013.5.11 - 2013.8.25

Korea Macao Encounter Spring / Summer Fashion Exhibition

A Korean rage has been sweeping through the globe in recent years. Korean fashion has especially taken up a prominent stage, becoming a key trend indicator for the Asia Pacific fashion market. Because of this, “Macao Fashion Galley” has decided to bring this groundbreaking “Korea Macao Encounter Spring/ Summer Fashion Exhibition” to the fashionistas of Macao. The latest 2013 fashion by young and trendy fashion designers from both Korea and Macao will be showcased during this event.


Twenty-four pieces from three designers will be shown during this “Korea Macao Encounter Spring/Summer Fashion Show”. Our designers include Sylvia Oh from Korean (fashion label: Monte Milano), Akina Lei from Macao (fashion label: Salut, ça va?), and San Lee from Macao (fashion label: ZICS).


Having similar fashion senses, all designers chose to use chiffon as the central fabric for their collection. Pairing light and fluffy chiffon with this year’s latest digital printed fabric and various other textures such as cotton, embossed fabric, and imitation leather, their unique designs and bold color combination will surely jolt the senses of our audiences. Designers were asked to inject fashion elements from both Korea and Macao into their designs, creating a distinctive new look for this show. Their collections are especially designed for this event and it will be shown the first time on any catwalk. The organizer hopes to encourage more innovative designs from local designers by deepening and broadening their collaboration with designers from all over the world.


The“Korea Macao Encounter Spring/Summer Fashion Show” at Macao Fashion Gallery will be shown from 11th May 2013 to 25th August 2013, every day except Mondays but include public holidays. The public are most welcome to join.


2013.2.2 - 2013.5.5

Heritage of Hmong and Revival of Their Creative Art Exhibition

Hmong Tribe has a very long history and a very unique culture. Their fashion is an important manifestation of their culture. Hmong fashion is extremely rich in varieties, with over 100 types have being catalogued. The Hmong art is also breath taking, with “Hmong Embroidery” being listed into “The First Group of National Intangible Cultural Heritage” in 2006. When tribal art becomes the chic word of modern day fashion, the exquisite and distinctive Hmong tribal fashion has also become an inspiration for many contemporary fashion designers.


To pay our own tribute to this trend, Macao Fashion Gallery has especially organized a “Heritage of Hmong and Revival of their Creative Art Exhibition”. Besides exhibiting traditional Hmong Tribe fashion from Guizhou, locally designed fashion agglomerating Hmong design characteristics are also on display. It is a demonstration of creative fusion between modern design and traditional Hmong fashion heritage.


Macao Fashion Gallery is honored to be in collaboration with Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), a subsidiary of Hong Kong Vocational Training Council, on this Exhibition. HKDI is very generous in lending their collection of traditional and rare Guizhou Miao fashion to this Exhibition. Meanwhile, two well-known Macao fashion designers, Miss Anne Chou and Mr. Chris Chan, also participated. Using characteristic Yunnan Hmong Tribe techniques such as tie-dye and embroidery as well as other Hmong accessories, fusing them into their personal design styles, they have created some very imaginative and stylish modern fashion. Their creative genius also helped to revive the art of Hmong craft and industrialize the making of Hmong accessories. The Exhibition will be held during Chinese New Year and it will definitely bring a breath of distinctive taste to Macao.


A total of 14 pieces will be shown in the Exhibition, which is run from 2nd February to 5th May 2013. The public are welcome to visit this fascinating Exhibition.



2012.10.13 - 2013.1.20

“3D Cube Play” Fashion Exhibition

An ordinary piece of two- dimensional fabric, after going through the process of creative design, modification, and metamorphosis, can become a three- dimensional piece of art. This is exactly what this exhibition wishes to show, fashion and art can become one. Fashion can also be an object of art, giving visitors the double pleasure of enjoying a fashion show and an art exhibition at the same time.

Pieces on exhibition are showing that within a finite cube, with no limitation on use of fabric, under boundless creativity in design and craftsmanship, the resulting three- dimensional fashion of art can be so attractive and eye-opening.


2012.6.30. - 2012.10.7

Resurgence of the Qi Style Fashion Exhibition

As the first exhibition of <Macao Fashion Gallery>, we have invited well known fashion designers from Greater China to present their collections for the “Resurgence of the Qi Style” exhibition in Macao. They include winner of Top 10 Chinese Designer Award Mr Qu Tingnan (Guangdong Association of Garment and Garment Article Industry), renowned Taiwanese designer Miss Pun Dai Lee (Taiwan Weaving Fabric Designer Association), awards winning Hong Kong fashion designer Miss Janko Lam (Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association), and Macao’s own seasoned designer Miss Kitty Ng.


“Qi Style” clothing is the traditional attire for the Manchuria Tribe of China, also the origin of the modern qipao. Fusing western elements with Chinese charisma, the “Qi Style” fashions being exhibited blend classic Chinese and western elements into a unique style. A new east-meet-west look has been created to grace the stage of <Macao Fashion Gallery>.


“Resurgence of the Qi Style” exhibition will start on 30th June 2012 and runs for a period of three months.