Exhibition of Winning Entries of the 6th Macao Fashion Illustration Contest

It is the 6th year for the “Macao Fashion Illustration Contest” to be hosted by Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM). Each year the Contest seeks for new talents in fashion illustration. In order for the citizens and tourists to appreciate the artistic creation of local fashion illustration, Macao Fashion Gallery (MFG) specially holds the “Exhibition of Winning Entries of the 6th Macao Fashion Illustration Contest”, displaying 40 works of the Top Three, Award of Merit and Finalists from both Open Category and Student Category.


Fashion illustration is a key element in fashion design. It is an essential step that fashion designerstransform their eccentric concept into concrete image. It is through fashion illustration that the garments’ characteristic, style and unique charm are presented, reflecting the combination of fashion design and art.


“Discovery” is the theme of this Exhibition, as the exhibitorsdiscover everything around them with power of observation, experiences and perception, and use artistic painting technique to express and convey their understanding of life – this is how the new generations in Macao interpret fashion aesthetic.

2015.5.15 - 2015.8.9

Macao Joint Fashion Performance – Mini Exhibition

TheMacao Joint Fashion Performance – Mini Exhibition, inspired by the miniature theatre of fashion in Paris “Théâtre de la Mode” in the 1940s, will display miniature exhibits. Since exquisite miniature couture is more focused on aesthetic designs and production skills, it attends much more to the details, fabric manipulation and colour scheme; also, it takes more time to finish a delicate piece, challenging the creativity and craftsmanship of Macao designers.


A total of 11 designers including key designers and new talents of the Macao fashion industry will showcase their pieces in this exhibition. They are Kitty Ng, Fanny Lo, Chris Chan, Wang Cheng Wu, Clara Brito, KC Gideon, Ana Cardoso, Isabella Choi, San Lee, Akina Lei and Jane Chan.


The exhibition covers 22 sets of couture with each designer presenting two sets of their designs. All kinds of design are combined with different elements, showing a sense of elegance and trendiness. In this exhibition, designers show off their best and demonstrate their fashion senses through the couture of half-scale mannequins. With their creative ideas and excellent craftsmanship, local fashion designers reveal their competitiveness and innovative ability to the public.


2015.2.13 - 2015.5.10

“Classic Recurrence‧Centennial Evolution” — Exhibition of Women’s Fashion

At the beginning of the year, Macao Fashion Gallery (MFG) presentedthe “Classic Recurrence‧Centennial Evolution” — Exhibition of Women’s Fashion  to showcase s0me sets of local female costumes from different decades of the 20th century.

The 20th century is an era when the clothing is the most diversified and the sense of fashion is the most surging in the whole process of fashion evolution, symbolizing the development and people’s life style of different decades; it is an era that reflects the designers’ wisdom to cater to the actual needs with their design and become fashion icons. The change of clothes in the last century is mainly due to the influence of media and several historical events; for instance, films, TV, the Second World War, youth culture, feminist movements, etc., making the appearance of the clothes outweigh their protective function. Since then, fashions have been regarded as an art. The trends in the past have even influenced the trend cycle of this century.


The women’s centennial fashions displayed in the caption exhibition are all representative. The clothing of late Qing, the cheongsams in the 30’s, the bubble skirts in the 40’s and 50’s, the miniskirts and bell-bottoms in the 60’s and 70’s, and the square shoulder padded jackets and suits in the 80’s and 90’s were vividly presented. To recreate the ambiance of the past, the exhibition venue MFG matched the costumes with the background of the fashionable style, music and pictures of each decade, allowing the audience, especially the young generation, to have a deeper understanding of the evolution of clothing art and style in the last century.


“Classic Recurrence‧Centennial Evolution”— Exhibition of Women’s Fashion was greatly supported by the Women’s General Association of Macau which has facilitated the exhibition by providing the costumes. MFG hereby expresses its gratitude to the Association.

2014.10.10 - 2014.12.31

Style‧Encounter Moment – Fashion Exhibition of the 2013 Subsidy Programme for Fashion Design on Sample Making

Co-organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government (IC) and the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM),“Style‧Encounter Moment”— Fashion Exhibition of the 2013 Subsidy Programme for Fashion Design on Sample Making is the final exhibition of the Macao Fashion Gallery in 2014. The exhibition will demonstrate the achievement of the 2013 Subsidy Programme for Fashion Design on Sample Making, revealing the creativity and strength of the current fashion design industry in Macao.


IC initially launched the “Subsidy Programme Series for Macao’s Cultural and Creative Industries – Subsidy Programme for Fashion Design on Sample Making” in 2013, which aims at subsidizing the production of local fashion design samples, promotional catalogues and registration for their exhibition works, prompting local

designers to get involved in commercial activities and to take part in fashion marketing activities in China and overseas, in a bid to enhance the visibility and competiveness of Macao’s fashion design industry.


In the exhibition, the eight beneficiaries Gideon Tam, Jane Chan, Vincent Cheang, Karus Lei, Lalaismi Wai, Chantelle Cheang, San Lee and Cheong Oi Leng will select two designs of their own for showcasing, including men’s sweaters, leisure clothing and leather clothing; ladies’ luxury gowns, fashion dresses, bridal dresses and underwear, which makes up sixteen fashion collections in total.


It is believed that this exhibition can well demonstrate the creativity and marketing potential of the Macao fashion design industry, and explore commercial opportunities for local fashion designers; at the same time, enhance related field, residents and tourists’ understanding of the latest development of Macao fashion industry, so as to create a better atmosphere and marketing environment for forming a cultural and creative city, moving forward the development of local fashion industry.

2014.7.31 - 2014.10.5

Paintings on Silk – Exhibition on Macao Fashionable Scarves Design

From the evolution of traditional garments to the cultural intersection of international fashions, Macao Fashion Gallery has been encouraging fashionable creativity, the development of local cultural industries, and more young people to pursue relevant careers. Paintings on Silk – Exhibition on Macao Fashionable Scarves Design is the collective works of between Macao well-known artists and young designers, with the aim to demonstrate to the audience the charisma of art appreciation from the perspective of fashion.


Paintings on Silk – Exhibition on Macao Fashionable Scarves Design has acquired four masterpieces from Macao famous artists Mr. Lai Ieng and Mr. Chan Kai Chon. With the efforts from four young designers, namely Esther Leong, Maecenas Ng, Jane Chan and San Lee, , utilizing digital process for redesigning, the familiar scenes of Macao in the masterpieces, including the Ruins of St. Paul’s, Lou Lim Ieoc Garden, Travessa da Paixão and Sai Van, have been transformed into scarf designs. While their skillful techniques and essential spirits have been kept, the designers’ sense of fashion and their taste have blended art into life and into fashionable products.


The two local artists have different painting styles; each has its own merits. Under their brushes, the characteristics and the sensations of Macao have been vividly depicted. Meanwhile, four young designers have creatively utilized effects like nostalgia, overlay, combination,symmetry and silhouette to make changes to the original masterpieces; with these novel ideas, sixteen unique and beautiful scarves have been designed.


This exhibition, co-organized by the Cultural Institute of the Macao S.A.R. Government and the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center, with strong support from the Macao Chinese Culture and Art Association, has perfectly united fashion, art and creativity.