The Flower Ripple Wedding—Crossover Dialogue and Sharing Session of Wedding Gowns, Floral Art and Photography

In tune with the “Flower Ripple Wedding—Photo Exhibition of Macao Fashion Wedding Gowns and Flowers”, the Macao Fashion Gallery will specially organise the “Flower Ripple Wedding—Crossover Dialogue and Sharing Session of Wedding Gowns, Floral Art and Photography”, through which the participants can learn about the importance of wedding gowns design, floral art design and photography for a wedding ceremony. The sharing session will also provide people intending to enter the wedding industry with valuable advices and thus professionalise the field and drive the development of the creative industry of wedding celebration.


Cindy Chao, an enthusiastic floral art creator and once an intern in a florist’s in the United States, established the first western-style flower shop in Macao (Valentine Flower Shop) at her own cost after returning to the city. At the same time, she was successfully evaluated as a Certified Floral Designer by the American Institute of Floral Designers and received the continuing education diploma of Dutch Flower Arrangements (DFA) Instructor. During more than twenty years working on floral art creation, Chao has been invited to teach and perform in more than twenty countries and regions including China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and the United States. She has acted as invited reviewer and advisor for several international floral art exhibitions, and led local representative competitors of floral art to competitions abroad for many times and achieved outstanding accomplishments. Most of Chao’s floral works feature the merge of Chinese and western cultures, and combine firmness and gentleness with exquisite texture.

Dora Un is graduated from The Art Institute of California-San Francisco with a bachelor degree in Fashion Design. She has absorbed the costume aesthetics of western fashion and skills from school and fashion houses she worked for and brings them back to Macao. After she returned to Macao, she founded her design brand “a.dora.ble” in 2014. Using the special couture crafting skills she has learned, Dora commits to bring a whole different fashion view to more people and let them taste the juice of fashion.

Tam Keng, a local artist in Macao, grew his interest in art under the influence of his father since childhood. He has been guided and supported by Professor Mio Pangfei and Mr. Jiang Shilin, and accumulated rich experiences in designing, creating and photographing arrangements. Tam is currently a member of the Photography Salon Society of Macao, the Photographic Society of Macao and the Photographic Society of Hong Kong. He has achieved exceptional results in international salon competitions in recent years, winning the Gold and Silver Medals of the Photographic Society of America, the Gold Medal of the International Federation of Photographic Art and the Gold Medal of the Royal Photographic Society.



1. Introduction of speaker and his brand

2. Speakers sharing rich professional experiences and difficulties encountered regarding Macao’s wedding industry

3. The importance of interrelation among wedding dress, floral art and photography

4. (Floral art / Wedding dress / Photography) Trends for 2016/2017

5. Suggestions for people intending to enter wedding industry

6. Q&A session


Date:16th July, 2016 (Saturday)


Venue:Macau Holy House of Mercy Albergue (No.8, Calçada da Igreja de S. Lázaro, Macao)

Target participants: People interested in wedding dress design, floral art design and wedding dress photography


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Sharing Session “Beyond the Ideal.Dream of Crossover Designer”

To broaden the international horizon of local fashion design talents in Macao, enable more people getting involved in the fashion industry and understanding the sweet and sour of establishing a fashion brand, encourage them to achieve success through boundless creativity and enthusiasm for fashion even if they are not fashion design graduates, the Macao Fashion Gallery (MFG) has specially invited Eugene Leung, founder of Australian fashion brand INJURY, to be the speaker of the sharing session. Eugene will share his story of becoming one of the hottest emerging fashion designers in Asia from an architecture graduate. He will also discuss the fashion trends with the participants, enabling the public to understand the opportunities and challenges that local and international creative talents facing, thus promoting the development of fashion industry.



Eugene Leung, founder of INJURY, graduated from the Architecture major of University of New South Wales in Australia in 2001. He has been devoted himself in the street art in Sydney and in 2004 he founded his own fashion brand in Sydney, Australia, and launched his male collection on the stage of fashion show in Melbourne, Australia (Melbourne Fashion Week 2005) for the first time. Since then his works become popular among fashion buyers and media in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and they are displayed in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia on a regular basis.


Introduction of Brand:

The brand INJURY has a strong and unique style which gains recognitions and praises in various fields. The design inspiration comes from science fiction, architecture, contemporary art, etc. and each of its seasonal series contains profound meaning. The clothing appears like an original soundtrack of a suspect movie, saturating with dramatic but bewitching oddness which has always been sought-after by many trendy stars and celebrities.



  1. Introduction of speaker and his brand
  2. Reason and journey of entering fashion design circle as an architecture graduate
  3. Sharing of brand founding and source of inspiration for his creations
  4. Exploring the differences of fashion design and marketing strategy locally and internationally
  5. Q&A session


Date:18th June, 2016 (Saturday)


Venue:Meeting Room 3 & 4, Macao Science Center


Target: Local fashion design circle and interested parties

Language:Cantonese (Portuguese interpretation will be available on site)

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Sharing Session – “The Door Step into Fashion Design”

As the fashion design industry in Macao is emerging, more and more people are aspired to devote themselves to the industry. To provide entry secrets to the up-and-coming youngsters and the people intending to work in the field, Macao Fashion Gallery will invite Ms. Johanna Ho, the star fashion designer from Hong Kong, to give a lecture and share her experiences and creative stories, the matters to be concerned when it comes to creating a brand, the process of transforming a design into a product, etc., which promotes the exchange between the designers from Macao and Hong Kong and enlightens the people looking to throw themselves into fashion design industry.



Experience Sharing in design and creative
Precautions while building a fashion brand
Experience sharing the process of turning a design into a product, difficulties encountered during the process



ABOUT JOHANNA  Johanna obtained a BA in Fashion in 1995 and Masters in Fashion in 1997 from Central Saint Martins in London. Her talent was apparent to the then fashion editor of London Times Iain R. Webb who cited her as one of the year’s top new talents and highlighted her graduation show.

In 1999, Johanna launched her own label JOHANNA HO during London Fashion Week where she sold her first collection to Barneys New York. Interest from markets such as Japan then beckoned. Subsequent collections were sold to over 30 retailers internationally including Browns, Selfridges and Harrods in London, Via Bus Stop, Isetan, Takashimaya, Tomorrowland, Beams in Japan, Myer in Australia and Lane Crawford, Liger, and Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong. Between 2004-2009 the brand was licensed to Sanyo Shokai, Japan (who owned Burberry in Japan) where Johanna lived for the first year. 11 shops under the name JOHANNA HO were opened throughout Japan including a flagship in Omotesando, Tokyo.

In addition to her own brand, Johanna also collaborated with various brands and companies such as Birkenstock, Vans, Khiels, Shiseido, Miele, Moet & Chandon, Lane Crawford, On Pedder, Jardine Aviation and HSBC to name a few.

Conscious of the industry’s inherent demand for consumption, Johanna strives to help customers buy responsibly in adopting eco-friendly practices in materials and designs. In 2008, Johanna was invited to be a founding member of the “Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium”. The brand UCHI was consequently created to feature all crossovers of Johanna’s core knit designs with different entities–up-cycling used clothes donated by artists of all sorts and pop singers to create fresh and unique pieces, giving them new lives.

Known for Johanna’s glamorous aesthetic, international pop sensation Lana Del Rey is a fan of her. Johanna has also been involved in costume design and wardrobe styling for numerous top Asian artists including Karen Mok (in Wong Kar Wai’s Fallen Angels), Eason Chan, Faye Wong (in Wong Kar Wai’s Chungking Express), Miriam Yeung and Josie Ho. In 2010, Johanna appeared as a judge on the Fashion World Talent Awards (China/ Hong Kong’s version of Project Runway).

In January 2014, Johanna opened a Hong Kong flagship store on Wyndham Street, Central, neighbouring international labels such as Christian Louboutin, Black Fleece and A.P.C.






Venue:Science Center Meeting Room 3&4


Suitable for: Macau Fashion Design industry & Persons who are interested in Fashion Design,


Language: The seminar will be conducted in Cantonese with simultaneous interpretation to Portuguese

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Sharing Session –“The impact of 20th-century fashion culture on fashion trend nowadays”

To accompany the on-going “Classic Recurrence‧CentennialEvolution” — Exhibition of Women’s Fashion, the Macao Fashion Gallery will specially organize a Sharing Session –“The impact of 20th-century fashion culture on fashion trend nowadays”. Ms. Joel Lee, a lecturer of fashion design from Hong Kong, will be invited to be the speaker and she will address on the theme of exploring how the fashion culture of the 20th century influences today’s fashion trends, how the fashions prevailed during that century and what the social and cultural background was. By appreciating the fashion culture of different decades, the participants can broaden their horizons and mindset, and be inspired for fashion design ideas and enlarge space for creation.



  1. Briefing introduction of the 20th century fashion
  2. Appreciation of Current Fashion Trend
  3. Difference between 20th Century Fashion and Nowadays Retro
  4. Historical Cultural Elements in relation to Fashion Dress
  5. The last Century led to Today’s Design Inspiration



Joel Lee graduated from the Swire School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She loved drawing from an early age, and was a graphic designer, advertising and books illustrator when grew up.In 1992, Joel was indulging in fashion design and fashion illustration, and finally became fashion and image designer after further advanced studies.


Recent years, she exits from the commercial design industry. Teaching becomes the main job. Now Joel is Lecturer of Hong Kong Design Institute and Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center, subjects taught included Fashion Design, Fashion Illustrations, Cultural Studies, etc., accumulated more than fifteen years of teaching experience. And she still loves drawing in her leisure time.




Time: 19:00-21:00


Venue: 10Fantasia-A Creative Industries Incubator – C01Showroom


Suitable for: Macao Fashion Designer, Student & Person who interested in Fashion culture


Language: Cantonese


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How to build an international fashion brand

In coordination with the event “Lisbon to Macao … A Fashion Journey”, Macao Fashion Gallery has decided to organize a “How to build an International Fashion Brand” seminar at the same time.  For this seminar, we have specially invited Clara Brito, local fashion designer for fashion brand LINES LAB, and Nuno Baltazar, designer for international fashion brand NUNO BALTAZARR ATELIER, as our speakers.  During the seminar, they will explore their journey to build a fashion brand as well as the current and future development opportunities for fashion industry people in Macao and Portugal.  The seminar aims to encourage more in-depth communication between fashion industry practitioners in Macao and Portugal.  The speakers will share their professional views and wealth of experience on fashion industry with young designers of Macao.



  1. Explore how to establish visibility and uniqueness of your fashion brand and things to be aware of
  2. Sharing the experience of successfully taking a local brand onto the international market



  1. Clara Brito uses her unique vision to integrate people and things around her into her design, creating an image from her heart to her mind, using her senses as the source of her creativity.  Her straight lines and simple geometric patterns created a style that is uniquely Clara Brito.
  2. Nuno Baltazar lives in Portugal.Immersed in the ambience of continental European and Portuguese fashion industry, Nuno developed sharp fashion senses. Signature characteristics of his designs are clean lines and modern contours.He won numerous awards and was named best fashion designer of Portugal on many occasions.






Venue:Macao Science Center Meeting Room 3&4


Suitable for:Macao Fashion Designer, Student & Manufacturers