Jason Lee, a fashion and accessory designer, had already acquired ample design techniques and experience before creating his brand. After graduating from the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi) where he majored in fashion design, he won the “Best Footwear Design Award” at the Hong Kong Youth Fashion Designers’ Contest in 2017. This also brought him the opportunity to launch a collaboration series with I.T., a Hong Kong fashion group. After taking on various creative roles at OKURA and Paul Frank X, Jason founded his own brand, YMDH (You Make Daddy Happy), in 2018. Later in 2022, he won the gold medal at the DFA Design for Asia Awards.

As a native Hong Kong brand, YMDH is committed to showcasing its personality and creating unique new oriental aesthetics; it also aims to share youthfulness, memories, and joy through creative fashion works in order to promote fashion as an art.