2020 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom

The Macao Fashion Gallery is fully supportive of local cultural, creative and fashionable activities. Itspares no effort to facilitate the development of original clothing designs and will continue to promote a variety of exhibitions for local brands.

This year, on the basement floor and first floor of the Macao Fashion Gallery, the “2020 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom” continues. The event demonstrates a new retail model by bringing together 34 fashion and apparel brands with great potential, displaying them in the form of a fashion showroom. This event allows the brands to gain more exposure and business opportunities, and in the meantime, it provides the brands with substantial help in marketing strategy and service experience.


The original brands participating in this year’s event include: (Listed in no particular order)

Common Comma、ella épeler、GODDESS ARMOUR、I.N.K、MACON、Nega C.、NO.42、O.Daylily、POURQUOI、PUI、SANCHIALAU、SOUL、Worker Playground、ZICS、ADD Something on、CHANGE、CPTTM、Crystal E. Creation、Earlyink、FAITH& FEARLESS、FASHON MUSEUM、Genuine Recipe、Lexx Moda、Loving Macau、Naomi、S&E Handmade、Stardustjourney、ULTRAWORKS、YEARN LACONIC、阿爽、澳門弱智人士家長協進會、飯田妹、啟能中心、小芸滴膠手作

Participating Designers