AXOXYXOXS, established in 2015, symbolises a group of people who do not wish to be labelled or confined by traditional conventions. Instead, they wish to pursue freedom, independence and their own dreams. AXOXYXOXS’s designs accent details and originality with an emphasis on wearability and mix-and-match, and its effortless minimalist cuts demonstrating a low-key, graceful and casual urban chic style. AXOXYXOXS’s designs has been exhibited at the Macao Fashion Gallery and the “Macao Emerging Fashion Exhibition”. In addition, it was selected as eligible brand of the “Subsidy Programme for Fashion Design on Sample Making” launched by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR Government.


上衣/Camisolas/Upper garments:MOP 1160
上衣/Camisolas/Upper garments:MOP 1210
外套/Casacos/Jackets:MOP 1710
襯衫/Camisas/Shirts:MOP 1600
上衣/Camisolas/Upper garments:MOP 1230
半身裙/Saias Compridas/Maxi skirts:MOP 1260
褲/Bermudas/Calf-length pants:MOP 1300
連身褲/Macacões/Jumpsuits:MOP 1500