Design team introduction

Todot Design & Planning Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Todot Design”)is a design group with great diversity. Its members come from Macao, Hong Kong and Mainland China with different cultural backgrounds that nurture their creation.



In 2014, Todot Design created the design brand ULTRAWORKS, which combines avant-garde design language with brand-new ideas to bring everyone a unique product experience, making life on earth better and more interesting.


ULTRAWORKS has won numerous design awards for its products including the Good Design Award (Japan), A’ Design Award – Platinum Award (Italy), Successful Design Awards, China Good Design Award, Red Star Design Award, Design Intelligence Award TOP 100 and the HKDA Global Design Awards – Silver Award. Additionally, Todot Design has been continuously enriching its products and created the fashion brand FAITH & FEARLESS (FF) in 2016.


FF adopts a novel and bold design style to attract wider attention, and so far has gained recognition and support among celebrities and trendsetters. Todot Design will continue to promote its brand and products at different levels.

Participating Designers

Design team introduction