Established in 2013, MACON is a fashion brand integrating R&D and sale under Macao Fushun Group.

Originating from Macao, MACON means “MACAU+FASHION” and “MACAU+COTTON”.

Since establishment, it has been the synonym of excellent quality and leisure fashion. As a Macao brand, it integrates leisure tourism features and advocates the notion of “unhurried life and light tourism” to convey the life attitude and friendly culture of Macao.

The brand targets young women aged between 25 and 35 and with comfort and minimalism as its main tone, creates a neutral, artistic and youthful style.

MACON was engaged in business through e-commerce platforms at its early stage. So far it has opened up stores in Macao and Zhongshan, which have attracted a large number of customers from different places.


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