SANJO IONG, an independent women’s shoe designer, founded the brand Lexx Moda in the small town of Northampton, Britainin 2002.


Initially, SANJO IONG participated in exhibitions all over Europe through which she accumulated experience andexpanded sales outside Britain. In 2003, she established a company in Macau and concentrated her focus on women’s shoes. Casual and personalized slippers or flats are products that highlight SANJO IONG’s style. She incorporates new colors and materials to keep integrating elements inspired from all over the world. She strives to show her passion for shoes and insure the best experience.


Brand:Lexx Moda

Lexx Modais a female brand that excels in conceptsand design which highlight women’s personality and styles. Each season, it launches a product line with a unique theme and debuts it to the market through major shoe exhibitions. Lexx Moda has been recognized by large well-known companies and cooperated with them.Showcasing its best-selling brand series has added charming vitality to the brand.


The brand insists on its own designs, which incorporate elements inspired by such local culture as handicrafts and designs from various countries and regions that its designers encounter during their trips. In order to maintain distinguished personal style, the designers boldly incorporate other design elements into the work so that the shoes not only display a beautiful look but also have a practical function. Each product maintains a high level of quality, style and comfort.

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