Sanjo Iong

Lexx Moda was founded by SANJO IONG in Northampton in United Kingdom in 2002, mainly selling women’s shoes designed by herself.

IONG began to sell her design outside United Kingdom as she took part in shoes exhibitions all over Europe. Having established a company in Macao in 2003, she began to develop her individual women’s shoes brand by participating in exhibitions. IONG believes that casual slippers or flats with strong sense of personality best represent the brand’s design style. The designers are fond of new attempts on selections of colors and materials, trying to demonstrate their love for shoes on every work.


Brand:Lexx Moda

Lexx Moda is a women’s shoes brand that highlights women’s personalities. The product lines it has launched each quarter all have a unique theme, and are launched to the market through large footwear exhibitions. The brand has gained recognition of and cooperation with large well-known companies. The products are usually launched in the form of best-selling brand series, adding infinite impetus on the way to create its own brand.


The brand is proud of its own design. The design inspiration comes from the designer’s personal experiences and feelings about the characteristics of local culture in different places, especially from handicrafts and designs in other countries and regions. In addition, designers dare to adopt different elements and materials in design to keep personal style, emphasizing the practicability of overall modelling and attempting to make quality, type, and comfort coexist in each product.

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Participated Designers

Sanjo Iong
San Lee
Jane Chan
Ella Lei