He Cian Fen, “Outdoor Catwalk Fantasia Wardrobe 2012.9.22” Participated Designer.
Jhang Fei Ming, “Outdoor Catwalk Fantasia Wardrobe 2012.9.22” Participated Designer.
Qu Ting  Nan Awarded China’s Top 10 Fashion Designers Chief Curator of Guangzhou T.I.T. Creative Park Lingnan Fashion Museum Graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from Art Faculty of Guangzhou University in 1992. Further his study in ESMOD International Fashion University Group /ISEM Paris Established Guangzhou Tingnan Fashion and Accessory Design Center in 1997 and created his own ladies fashion brand, Tingnan 2002, designed around the theme of “Liang Silk and Guangdong Embroidery”, his collection won the “21st Century Design Grand Award” that was given by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In the same year, he also won the “Lilion Fiber Award” and the “World Folk Culture Award” given by the French Government 2003, created high-end ladies fashion brand Gary Wat 2004, participated in China International Fashion Week. Won China’s Top 10 Fashion Designers award in the same year. 2006, showed his collection at “Who’s Next” International Fashion Designer Collection Show in Berlin, Germany From 2004 to 2006, worked together with French, U.S., Taiwan, and Hong Kong fashion labels as Design Director Founded Guangzhou T.I.T Creative Park Lingnan Fashion Museum in 2010 and became Chief Curator In July 2012, especially created a collection of 20 dresses named “Colorful Guangdong Embroidery Dresses” to promote the new image of Guangzhou, taking the collection to visit Milan, Italy with Guangzhou Party Secretary Wan Qingliang.   Brand : Gary Wat was established by Mr. -Qu Tingnan in 2003, to “promote a fashionable lifestyle”. Gary Wat understands how much fashion means to women – with its simple cuts and its elaborate designs, Gary Wat not only reflects the latest fashion trend, but also allows women to express their personalities through fashion. Gary Wat is like a smooth, sweet and sensual city girl. Let’s explore the fashion kingdom of Gary Wat to…
Janko Lam, graduated from Fashion and Textile Design Program at Caritas Bianchi College of Careers, receiving a silver medal during her graduation show in 2008. She joined TVB as fashion design in the same year, designing costumes for stage and drama plays. In 2010, Janko and partner Arkoo established Mutt Museum Design Co Ltd and started to work on designing sustainable fashion, using recycled textiles to create fashion items. She also uses abandoned wood to create fashion accessories and puppets. In order to learn more about sustainable fashion, Janko participated in and won the grand award in EcoChic Design Award 2011 organized by charitable organization Redress. With the award, she won a chance to take an internship at From Somewhere, an international sustainable fashion label in London, U.K. In early 2012, as part of the EcoChic program, Esprit teamed up with Janko to release the first recycled textile capsule collection in Hong Kong. The collection is mainly made from recycled textiles.
Pun Dai Lee, presiding President of Taiwan Weaving Fabric Designer Association and Creative Director of Du Mu Enterprises Co Ltd. In 1978, Dai Lee established her own fashion label, “PUN DAI LEE”. In 1990, she was elected as Executive Director of Taiwan Weaving Fabric Designer Association. In 1994, as one of the Top 10 Fashion Designers in Taiwan, Dai Lee was invited to participate in the “Taiwan IN Style” fashion show in Paris. In 1995, Dai Lee was appointed the spokesperson for Dupont Lycra. Her “Glamorous Street” collection was shown in the 2001 “Tailored Look” Fashion Designer Exquisite Show. In the same year, Dai Lee was elected President of the Taiwan Weaving Fabric Designer Association. In 2004, Dai Lee took her collections to the catwalks of Clothes Party (Heart of the Ocean) Show in France and Clothes Party (Flowing East) Designer Show. In 2007, her “Forbidden City” collection was showcased in Beijing Fashion Week. In 2008, her collection was shown at the Taiwan Designer “The Very Best Years” Show in Shanghai Fashion Week.