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2023 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom

2023 Exclusive Fashion CollectionsShowroom

The Macao Fashion Gallery (MFG) has been supporting the development of cultural and creative fashion in Macao. Since the launch of the “Showroom” in 2019, the MFG has been bringing together different brands and displaying and selling their original clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, and other latest apparel in an endeavor to promote the new wave of cultural and creative fashion in Macao. At the same time, it provides fashion lovers and trendsetters with a one-stop shopping experience for a wide range of original fashion items, allowing more people to learn about and support Macao brands while having fun shopping.

At the beginning of the New Year, the Macao Fashion Gallery (MFG) will continue to hold the “2023 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom” in the basement and on the first floor of the MFG, allowing talented local designers to promote their latest collections and interpret the season’s trends through this integrated exhibition and sales platform.

The original brands participating in this year’s “Showroom” include: (Listed in no particular order)

ANIFA、C/W COLLECTIVE、CÖE Limitada、Common Comma、Demi*D、ella épeler、I.N.K、LekHac Jeans、LOOM、MISAZAL、Multiplier、Nega C.、No 42.、NORMANS INSPIRATE、SARA LOLO、SHEFEELING、Work.in.process.mo、Add Something On、Earlyink、Garden of Eden Macau、Gato、Ghettolo、Isle of woodies 槝、JUMP OFF、Lexx Moda、LOMO HANDCRAFT老母手作、No.2 create異號創作、Porarbo、Stardust Journey、U.sandersonii Jewellery studio、8812 Accessories、一晴一物 Fine Form、手作日和 The Hiyori Accessory、芸悅手作工作室、飯田妹、慢活日常、戴肥人手作、藝質創作工作室


2022 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom

As a platform gathering Macao’s original clothing brands, the “Showroom” displays and sells clothing, shoes, accessories, bags and more, which allows customers to mix and match products from different brands in one place, enriching their shopping experience and thus giving full play to Macao’s distinctive cultural diversity and integration. Meanwhile, the “Showroom” enables a variety of brands to develop in synergy so that they can complement each other and highlight their respective values.
In recent years, fashion design in Macao has been gaining popularity in all sectors, new fashion brands are making a splash and being sought after by fashionistas, opening up new opportunities. Under this context, in 2022, the Macao Fashion Gallery (MFG) will continue to hold the “2022 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom” in the basement and on the first floor of the MFG to gather original brands in the new edition of “Showroom” and thus fully support local original design.
The original brands participating in this year’s “Showroom” are:

(Listed in no particular order)
SHEFEELING、Work.in.process.mo、WOKER PLAYGROUND、ZICS、 ADD something on、CC Lace、Cleo’s Leathercraft、Crystal E. Creation、Earlyink、FAITH & FEARLESS、FASHION MUSEUM、Gato、JUMP OFF、Kiwieate Design House、Lexx Moda、Stardust Journey、Vânia Nobre Jewelry、Whiff Macau、68Jewellery、芸悅手作工作室、飯田妹、慢活日常、頹爆貓工作室


2021 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom

With the increasing market demand for original clothing, “Showroom” has become a major platform for featured brands to showcase their charm. By exhibiting and selling brands’ latest works, designers and their works can accelerate their integration into markets, thus enhancing brand awareness, market competitiveness and promoting the fashion industry. The fusion of featured brands can not only multiply fashion power but also create an interesting, relaxing, and brand-new shopping experience for customers.


In 2021, the Macao Fashion Gallery (MFG) will continue to turn the gears of fashion and hold the “2021 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom”, paying constant attention to and supporting the growth of local brands. Retail spaces will be set up on the basement floor and first floor of the MFG, to gather the creative power of cutting-edge design and display the series of 34 men’s and women’s clothing brands. It is expected to build a bridge of fashion communication for buyers, designers and customers, and at the same time realize the transition from “fashion show fields” to “markets”.

The original brands participating in this year’s event include:

ANIFA、AXOXYXOXS、Common Comma、C/W COLLECTIVE、Demi*D、ella épeler、I.N.K、Nega C.、NO.42、O.Daylily、POURQUOI、PUI、SHEFEELING、Worker Playground、ZICS、ADD Something on、Earlyink、FAITH & FEARLESS、FASHION MUSEUM、Gato、Genuine Recipe、Ghettolo、Lexx Moda、Naomi、Panache Facade花辰月夕、S&E Handmade、YEARN LACONIC、37°C、二妞手作、小芸滴膠手作、啟能中心、飯田妹、澳門弱智人士家長協進會、澳門新八景。


2020 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom

The Macao Fashion Gallery is fully supportive of local cultural, creative and fashionable activities. Itspares no effort to facilitate the development of original clothing designs and will continue to promote a variety of exhibitions for local brands.

This year, on the basement floor and first floor of the Macao Fashion Gallery, the “2020 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom” continues. The event demonstrates a new retail model by bringing together 34 fashion and apparel brands with great potential, displaying them in the form of a fashion showroom. This event allows the brands to gain more exposure and business opportunities, and in the meantime, it provides the brands with substantial help in marketing strategy and service experience.


The original brands participating in this year’s event include: (Listed in no particular order)

Common Comma、ella épeler、GODDESS ARMOUR、I.N.K、MACON、Nega C.、NO.42、O.Daylily、POURQUOI、PUI、SANCHIALAU、SOUL、Worker Playground、ZICS、ADD Something on、CHANGE、CPTTM、Crystal E. Creation、Earlyink、FAITH& FEARLESS、FASHON MUSEUM、Genuine Recipe、Lexx Moda、Loving Macau、Naomi、S&E Handmade、Stardustjourney、ULTRAWORKS、YEARN LACONIC、阿爽、澳門弱智人士家長協進會、飯田妹、啟能中心、小芸滴膠手作


2019 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom

The advent of “concept store” and “showroom” has broken through the existing traditional sale model in the retail industry. Remodeling the retail market by reorganizing or integrating sale instills new vitality into fashion retailers. The Macao Fashion Gallery, which fully supports local culture, creation and fashion, spares no effort to promote the development of the original fashion industry. It keeps organizing diverse exhibition and sale activities for local brands. Now it is launching “2019 Exclusive Fashion CollectionsShowroom” to engage in a brand-new retail model on the basement of the Fashion Gallery. The Store gathers 28 potential fashion or accessory brands, exhibits and sells commodities in the forms of a fashion showroom, and helps brands to accumulate business experience and develop business opportunities while generating greater cluster cohesion effects in brand communications and marketing.