Common Comma is a fashion brand representing an urban, rebellious lifestyle. The brand believes that fashion is a combination of personal style and wearablity.

We are not storytellers, nor poets, but we just focus on creating trendy, cutting edge products.


Designer:David Siu

David Siu was not a designer at all before he met his other half-Carmen Leng. It’s Carmen who inspired and encouraged David to step out of his comfort zone to become a designer, which proved an interesting experiment on the key trigger point of an important life choice.

He used to work as a buyer in the fashion retail industry, which enabled him to have the opportunity to truly understand the conventional fashion circle, and know about what was happening in the industry both now and then, besides helping him better understand hispreference for fashion. Before that, he studied and lived in Seattle and this experience had a great impact on the shaping of his aesthetics and has given him broadened insights into street fashion.

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外套/ Jacket:MOP2,280
外套/ Jacket:MOP950