“épeler” is a verb in the French phrase “ella épeler”, which is used when referring to an act of linking or joining things together. Adhering to the concept “Bring Your Attitude to Life”, ella épeler combines various elements in unconventional tailoring and integrates original illustrations and artistic ideas into its designs. By doing so, the brand produces fascinating clothing embodying the diversity and uniqueness of fashion, with an aspiration to turn them into treasures in the closet. ella épeler rolls out fashion items by series rather than seasons and makes innovative attempts through the inspiration of different dressing styles.


Designer:Ella Lei

Ella Lei, a post-80s born in Macao, is a graduate from the Design Department, School of Arts, Macao Polytechnic Institute, majoring in multimedia design. She has worked as art and animation designer for four years, while taking a fashion design diploma program. She is currently a freelance designer passionate about illustration and fashion design, hoping to progress by combing these two art form. She is actively participating in exhibitions and fashion events, working on her own fashion label “ella épeler”.


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半身長裙/Saias Compridas/Maxi skirts:1000
外套/Casacos/Jackets: 980
半身長裙/Saias Compridas/Maxi skirts:1000