No.42 is a local fashion design brand that values “freedom from restraints and life with an attitude”. Its designers believe everyone has “multiple personalities” and that clothes are media in which one’s ideas and feelings can be expressed. A style, whether it is cool, disobedient, elegant, intellectual or mixed, as long as it captures one’s mood, can all be expressed through different outfits.

The design of the brand is one that features asymmetrical tailoring and the use of fabrics of different textures to create interwoven patterns, as well as beautiful details to make styles of all kinds. Different clothing items can match to make a variety of styles that reflect the attitude of liberty. That is how fashion is brought beyond the stage into the daily life of the wearer.

In addition to occasional launches of different collections, No.42 also provides customisation and styling services for customers of all kinds.


Designer:Ophelia Vong and Venus Tou 

Ophelia Vong and Venus Tou majored in Fashion Design and Merchandising at Shih Chien University, Kaohsiung Campus. As college students, they worked for fashion shows as activity assistants in Macao and Taiwan regions,coordinated the design and layout of venues for static exhibitions of graduation works. After their return to Macao, as an extension of their interest in and passion for fashion design, they jointly opened a studio and founded the fashion brand No.42 in 2019.


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上衣/Camisolas/Upper garments:MOP542