2014.4.25 - 2014.7.16

Exhibition on Classic Sewing Machines

Sewing machines, nicknamed in Cantonese and transliterated as ‘clothes vehicles’, were recognized as a household necessity in the 1960’s when the society was relatively simple and less affluent. Many housewives then chose to make clothes with ‘clothes vehicles’ for their husbands and dresses for their daughters. Their remarkable skills have added on the clothes a touch of homey happiness. As the textile and clothing industry in Macao was expanding in the 1980’s, sewing machines became tools of the trade and brought considerable business opportunities to the city. Its people were able to improve their living standards and the society was developed rapidly. Sewing machines have witnessed the changes of the society over the decades, and become part of the collective memory of the Macao people.


The exhibition presents the evolution of the sewing machines in the form of stories. Besides the hundred-year-old household sewing machines, precious classic industrial sewing machines and tools from the 1950’s and 1970’s are also on display. The interiors are decorated to imitate classic clothing factory and tailor shop, like a microcosm of the old textile and clothing industry in Macao. By reconstructing the past, younger generations will not only be able to acquaint with these ‘treasures’ of their ancestors but also to understand the history of sewing machines.



Meanwhile, to encourage fashion design novices and support local cultural and creative industry. The Macao Fashion Gallery is also exhibiting the Cheongsams made by local fashion design students who have instilled their personal styles into traditional works with the attempt to mix and match creativity and classicality.




With thanks to San Cheung Kuong Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., Mr. António Mok Peng Kun, Mr. Chan Iun Chiu,Associação de Empregados de Lojas de Tecidos e Modistas de Macau
and Heng Kei Dress Maker who have actively supported the exhibition by loaning their precious equipment: induistrial and household sewing machines, the Macao Fashion Gallery is able to present the Exhibition on Classic Sewing Machines.

2014.2.18 - 4.20

Canton Embroidery Exhibition

Cantonese embroidery, including Canton embroidery and Chaozhou embroidery, is one of four most well-known embroideries in China, as well as part of the national intangible cultural heritage. Canton embroidery is typically colourful, decorative and of sharp contrast, made with multiple embroidery techniques. Long-standing and well-established, it is sewn so neatly and the patterns are arranged in such a genius way that the embroidery is of high aesthetic value. At this rejuvenating spring, the Macau Fashion Gallery presents the Canton Embroidery Exhibition, providing the local fashion industry and the art-lovers an opportunity to witness the spectacle of this national art of southern China.


This exhibition showcases traditional clothes and shoes with Canton embroidery, ranging from folk weddings outfits to articles of tribute dated to the reign of the Guangxu Emperor of the Qing Dynasty (around 1875-1908). On silk and/or on gauze, Canton embroidery is the marriage of bold colours, modern patterns and unique sewing techniques. Typically from southern China, it is also a fine example of the advance techniques practiced in traditional clothing- and accessary-making; all objects exhibited are of highaesthetic value. The fashion industry, as well as the general public in Macao, can take advantage of this precious chance to closely appreciate this traditional yet unique art of Chinese embroidery.


With thanks to Guangzhou T.I.T. Creative Park Lingnan Fashion Museum, and with special thanks to Mr. Qu Tingnan who has loaned his private collection, the Macau fashion gallery is able to proudly present the Canton Embroidery Exhibition in Macao.



2013.11.2 - 2014.1.5

Lisboa to Macao…a Fashion Journey

In this cool autumn November, Macao Fashion Gallery brings in a series of Portuguese designs to its exhibition hall. The unique and flamboyant collections from two Portuguese designers are distinctly different from traditional Portuguese style clothing, bringing a refreshing experience to our visitors.


To coordinate with the “Forum on Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries” ministerial conference, which is held by the Macao SAR Government in November, Macao Fashion Gallery especially orchestrated an exhibition aptly titled “Lisbon to Macao … A Fashion Journey”.  Two Portuguese fashion designers are invited to showcase their collections, giving Macao Fashion Gallery an enchanting southern European feel and a novel stylish experience to our visitors.


A total of 14 pieces are shown at this “Lisbon to Macao … A Fashion Journey” exhibition.  They are the creation of two designers, Clara Brito from Macao and Nuno Baltazar from Portugal.  Each designer exhibits their unique panache while sharing the bold, imaginative, and eclectic flair of Lusíadas.


Clara Brito uses her unique vision to integrate people and things around her into her design, creating an image from her heart to her mind, using her senses as the source of her creativity.  Her straight lines and simple geometric patterns created a style that is uniquely Clara Brito.


Nuno Baltazar lives in Portugal.  Immersed in the ambience of continental European and Portuguese fashion industry, Nuno developed sharp fashion senses.  Signature characteristics of his designs are clean lines and modern contours.  He won numerous awards and was named the best fashion designer of Portugal on many occasions.


The “Lisbon to Macao … A Fashion Journey” exhibition runs from 2nd November 2013 to 5th January 2014.  Macao Fashion Gallery is open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm daily, including public holidays and is closed on Mondays.


2013.8.31 - 2013.10.27

Magic of Creation – Costume Exhibition for Original Musical

From creating innovative adaptations to traditional clothing to exchanging inspirational forces with international style gurus, Macao Fashion Gallery has always taken the role of constructing the most fashionable stage for Macao, helping to show the world the joie de vivre of Macao’s fashion design industry.


In recent years, development of Macao fashion design has broadened its scope from daily lives to stage performances.  Many designers are actively working with local stage costume designers to create a new dimension of development for fashion designers in Macao.  In light of this, Macao Fashion Gallery has decided to create our “Magic of Creation – Costume Exhibition for Original Musical <Myth of Fox>” to showcase a successful cross culture cooperation between local fashion designers and stage performance artists.


The original musical <Myth of Fox> is a masterpiece produced jointly by creative talents from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao.  On costume design, CPTTM has especially recruited a team of local fashion designers to create a set of elaborate costumes for the show.  Senior stage costume designer Kenneth Leung from Hong Kong was invited as the director for this project.  The result is a series of bold, ground-breaking, and eye-catching stage costumes which became a critical factor to help the show in winning numerous praises from the audience.  A total of 16 stage costumes will be shown in the exhibition, including the special creation crafted by costume director Kenneth Leung and four Macao designers: Sandy Ho, Carlos Wong, San Lee, and Akina Lei.  The exhibition brings the costumes into close contact with the audience, allowing them to relive the innovation created for <Myth of Fox> as well as strengthening their awareness on the talent of Macao’s own fashion designers.


This exhibition is supported by Chinese Cultural Exchange Association.  The exhibition goes from 31st August to 27th October 2013.  Macao Fashion Gallery is closed on Mondays and opens during public holidays.


2013.5.11 - 2013.8.25

Korea Macao Encounter Spring / Summer Fashion Exhibition

A Korean rage has been sweeping through the globe in recent years. Korean fashion has especially taken up a prominent stage, becoming a key trend indicator for the Asia Pacific fashion market. Because of this, “Macao Fashion Galley” has decided to bring this groundbreaking “Korea Macao Encounter Spring/ Summer Fashion Exhibition” to the fashionistas of Macao. The latest 2013 fashion by young and trendy fashion designers from both Korea and Macao will be showcased during this event.


Twenty-four pieces from three designers will be shown during this “Korea Macao Encounter Spring/Summer Fashion Show”. Our designers include Sylvia Oh from Korean (fashion label: Monte Milano), Akina Lei from Macao (fashion label: Salut, ça va?), and San Lee from Macao (fashion label: ZICS).


Having similar fashion senses, all designers chose to use chiffon as the central fabric for their collection. Pairing light and fluffy chiffon with this year’s latest digital printed fabric and various other textures such as cotton, embossed fabric, and imitation leather, their unique designs and bold color combination will surely jolt the senses of our audiences. Designers were asked to inject fashion elements from both Korea and Macao into their designs, creating a distinctive new look for this show. Their collections are especially designed for this event and it will be shown the first time on any catwalk. The organizer hopes to encourage more innovative designs from local designers by deepening and broadening their collaboration with designers from all over the world.


The“Korea Macao Encounter Spring/Summer Fashion Show” at Macao Fashion Gallery will be shown from 11th May 2013 to 25th August 2013, every day except Mondays but include public holidays. The public are most welcome to join.