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Timeless Elegance – Greater Bay Area Modern Chinese Cheongsam Exhibition

The cheongsam, a traditional Chinese women’s garment that came into vogue in the 1920s, has captured the hearts of women across generations as a graceful long dress. In the dynamic landscape of fashion, the attire has not only withstood the test of time for a century but also continuously evolved to incorporate innovation while preserving the essence of its tradition, catering to the ever-changing fashion trends and preferences of women throughout different eras. Over time, tailoring techniques have undergone transformations and upgrading so as to align with market trends and development.

The modern-style cheongsam integrates more innovative elements and craftsmanship, featuring a unique and captivating character. It allows for a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity, exuding a distinctive allure.

The Timeless Elegance – Greater Bay Area Modern Chinese Cheongsam Exhibition, presented by the Macao Fashion Gallery, has garnered significant support from esteemed organizations such as the Guangdong Association of Garment and Garment Article Industry, the Guangdong Fashion Designers Association, and the Hong Kong Fashion Farm Foundation. Collaborating with talented fashion designers hailing from Macao, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, this exhibition not only upholds the rich traditions of Chinese culture but also seamlessly integrates modern aesthetics. Together, these endeavors champion the advancement of the fashion industry within the Greater Bay Area.

This exhibition unites the fashion design talents from Macao, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, presenting a meticulously curated collection of nine stunning ensembles. Take for example Phoebe Lai, a representative of Macao. Her works center on capturing the essence of Chinese fashion aesthetics. Lai skillfully infuses casual elements inspired by monochromatic Chinese ink paintings, highlighting a strong sense of fashion. Next comes Mo Hua (Hou Xiaolin) from Guangzhou, whose collection combines the colors xuan (yellow) and xun (Chinese red) with the exquisite artistry of intangible cultural heritage handcrafted embroidery, exuding an air of elegance and nobility. Jessica Lau and Walter Kong, designers from Hong Kong, craftily preserve the essence of the cheongsam while introducing hidden elements through the integration of scarves. These versatile ensembles can be paired with pants or skirts, adding a touch of uniqueness and playfulness to the overall garment design (listed in no particular order).





  1. 簡介

“澳門時尚廊”以推動澳門時裝設計產業發展為宗旨,促進本澳時裝設計之展示、銷售、交流及人才培養等活動。為傳承中華民族的服飾文化,推動東方美學的發展, 弘揚國粹,“澳門時尚廊”計劃推出大灣區聯乘時尚展覽活動,將透過匯聚具新中式旗袍元素的優秀設計作品,向外界呈現傳統與現代時尚結合的新風尚,同時為大灣區時裝設計人才帶來更多交流與合作機遇。為此,現公開徵集及甄選澳門地區代表參展。


  1. 基本資料

2.1          合辦單位:澳門特別行政區政府文化局、澳門生產力暨科技轉移中心

2.2          申請方式:親臨或透過代辦人遞交本規定第4點所指之全部文件至申請地點;或於網上報名

2.3           申請日期:即日起至2023年7月21日晚上8點

2.4           申請地點:澳門時尚廊(澳門聖祿杞街47號)或


2.5            收件時間:澳門時尚廊-星期二至日(12:00-20:00)


2.6           活動日期:2023年9月至12月

2.7           活動地點:澳門時尚廊(澳門聖祿杞街47號)

2.8           申請文件須於上述截止日期及時間前遞交至申請地點,逾期概不受理;

2.9           申請時須出示申請者之澳門特別行政區居民身份證正本,所有提交的申請文件副本,亦須出示正本文件以供核實;

2.10      倘申請文件紙本與電子檔內容有差異,則以紙本書面文件為準;

2.11      查詢方式:請於辦公時間內通過以下方式聯絡鄧小姐或羅小姐

電話:(853)2835 3341或(853)8898 0721







Emerging Fashion – Exhibition of Works by Emerging Fashion Designers from the Greater Bay Area Introduction

The wheel of fashion is constantly rolling forward. Receiving the education provided by professional fashion schools, emerging fashion designers are poised to lead the fashion industry into a new chapter of development with guts and innovation. They are eager to sustain the vitality and appeal of the fashion industry by weaving their youthful vigor and fashion talent into unique fashion stories.


With support from the School of Design of Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai, the School of Fashion and Textiles of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Shenzhen Polytechnic, and Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center to promote cooperation in the fashion industry in the Greater Bay Area, the Macao Fashion Gallery (MFG) has organized the “Emerging Fashion – Exhibition of Works by Emerging Fashion Designers from the Greater Bay Area”, which brings together eight new-generation designers with unlimited passion for design to jointly create a new chapter for the fashion industry on the cultural and creative platform provided by the MFG, drawing on their ingenuity.


The exhibition displays eight sets of designs created by fashion design students from Zhuhai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Macao, including An Zhaer, Bo Yiyang (Zhuhai), Chan Pak Yu, Yumiko Li (Hong Kong), Tian Huanzhong, Xie Mingjun (Shenzhen), Yoyo Kuan and Polly Cheong (Macao) (in no particular order). The artworks cover a wide range of themes, from digital images, graffiti art, and ancient Chinese styles to sustainable environmental protection, with each featuring a distinctive design style. The designs incorporate an assortment of techniques, such as digital printing, 3D printing, and ink writing. The design of these works demonstrates the designers’ passion and pursuit of fashion while presenting to the public the GBA’s ambition and subtlety in cultural innovation.


Beyond the Boundaries: Boundary between Virtual and Reality – Greater Bay Area Fashion Exhibition Introduction

With the digital upgrade and the advent of the metaverse, virtual fashion and digital fashion brands are springing up, whose virtual fashion collections have even made their way to different fashion shows. A wide variety of dazzling avant-garde fashion products that are pouring into the fashion world are grabbing people’s attention, creating a grander world of fantasy, and igniting innovation. The new fashion trends are now around the corner.


With the support of the Guangdong Association of Garment and Garment Article Industry, Guangdong Fashion Designers Association, and Hong Kong Fashion Farm Foundation, the Macao Fashion Gallery organizes the “Beyond the Boundaries: Boundary between Virtual and Reality – Greater Bay Area Fashion Exhibition” which will deepen the cooperation between the fashion industries of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao. The exhibition combines technologies including virtual fashion showcasing, 3D-printed clothing, and AR virtual experience to propel local fashion to the next level of the Web 3.0 digital era, achieving an extraordinary demonstration of design creativity, digital technology, and aesthetic art.


The exhibition brings together four fashion pioneers (teams) from Macao, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong – in no particular order, KC Fong and Fiona Sam (Macao), Bette Huang (Guangzhou), Qi Liliang (Shenzhen), and Jason Lee (Hong Kong). They skillfully intertwine fashion and technology to create new ideas and lead the way. For example, utilizing virtual fashion elements to combine physical clothing and 3D-printed works. Through the eight original costumes and the interactive special effects in the exhibition hall, the public can experience the combination of fashion and technology, the synergy of digital technology and trendy aesthetics, and the freedom to travel between the virtual and the real dimensions.



2023 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom

2023 Exclusive Fashion CollectionsShowroom

The Macao Fashion Gallery (MFG) has been supporting the development of cultural and creative fashion in Macao. Since the launch of the “Showroom” in 2019, the MFG has been bringing together different brands and displaying and selling their original clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, and other latest apparel in an endeavor to promote the new wave of cultural and creative fashion in Macao. At the same time, it provides fashion lovers and trendsetters with a one-stop shopping experience for a wide range of original fashion items, allowing more people to learn about and support Macao brands while having fun shopping.

At the beginning of the New Year, the Macao Fashion Gallery (MFG) will continue to hold the “2023 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom” in the basement and on the first floor of the MFG, allowing talented local designers to promote their latest collections and interpret the season’s trends through this integrated exhibition and sales platform.

The original brands participating in this year’s “Showroom” include: (Listed in no particular order)

ANIFA、C/W COLLECTIVE、CÖE Limitada、Common Comma、Demi*D、ella épeler、I.N.K、LekHac Jeans、LOOM、MISAZAL、Multiplier、Nega C.、No 42.、NORMANS INSPIRATE、SARA LOLO、SHEFEELING、、Add Something On、Earlyink、Garden of Eden Macau、Gato、Ghettolo、Isle of woodies 槝、JUMP OFF、Lexx Moda、LOMO HANDCRAFT老母手作、No.2 create異號創作、Porarbo、Stardust Journey、U.sandersonii Jewellery studio、8812 Accessories、一晴一物 Fine Form、手作日和 The Hiyori Accessory、芸悅手作工作室、飯田妹、慢活日常、戴肥人手作、藝質創作工作室