Venus Tou majored in Fashion Design and Merchandising at Shih Chien University, Kaohsiung Campus. As college students, they worked for fashion shows as activity assistants in Macao and Taiwan and coordinated the design and layout of venues for static exhibitions of graduation works. After their return to Macao, as an extension of their interest in and passion for fashion design, they jointly opened a studio and founded the fashion brand No.42 in 2019.
黃思穎於高雄實踐大學修讀服飾設計與經營學系, 在學期間曾於 澳門及台灣地區擔任時裝展之活動助理及畢業作品靜態展覽之場地設計及佈置。 回澳後共同開設工作室,延續對時裝設計的興趣與熱愛,並於2019年成立服裝品牌NO.42。
ANIFA is an activewear fashion label. Fashion has always been influenced by scientific discoveries. The discovery of synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon changed the whole concept of fashion, leading up to today’s modern activewear phenomenon. ANIFA will be the first to embrace the latest changes. We can already foresee future clothing which will be designed by AI machines, produced by 3D printing, and delivered to your doorstep by autonomous drones. We can also foresee the future lifestyle of globetrotting entrepreneurs and creative workers who demand the most versatile, smart and comfortable activewear clothing that blurs the boundaries of traditional fashion categories. ANIFA is more than clothing. It is an experiment in futuristic lifestyles.  
C/W COLLECTIVE is an independent fashion brand in Macao. Adopting an avant-garde and deconstructive design style, it uses a mixture of different fabrics to produce unique and diverse garments with multiple ways to wear.  
Demi originated from the ancient Greek language, meaning digestion, enjoyment, maturity and independence. The brand logo adopts the simple pattern of sunflowers in its design, which are also a sideline of the brand. Sunflowers denote silent love, positivity, and the courage to pursue the life one wants to live. The designer believes that sunflowers are a symbol of power, hoping to bring women a positive attitude. In addition, sunflowers can also demonstrate the designer’s inner changes, who strives to lead a life she longs for. The designer expects to encourage women through the brand to have a strong will, bravely face their future lives, and actively rise up to various challenges.  
SHEFEELING was founded in 2005. Since its inception, SHEFEELING has been adhering to the craftsmanship spirit of innovation and excellence, as well as the service philosophy of professionalism and thoughtfulness, providing a quality experience of more diverse lifestyles for women with unique temperament. SHEFEELING has innovatively conducted wider dialogues and produced crossover works.