Gato handmade accessories include bracelets, earrings and rings, mainly retro and simple in style. They are made of brass, which will take on a matt colour after air oxidation and radiate vintage chic. The accessories are made of brass inlaid with various natural gemstones or ethnic beads. Each item features unique imperfection.  
Ghettolo, an independent brand in Macao, expresses the designer’s view of life and aims to bring happiness to surrounding people. The handmade beaded earrings are uniquely crafted by hand with a string of beads. They are characterised by their light weight, not causing too much burden on ears. There are also different colours to choose from.  
Binshu Culture and Art Company Ltd cooperated with the local creative brand Tuberose on establishing the creative brand 37°C and launching a series of Macao specialties and novel gadgets. The brand represents an attitude towards life.Different temperatures cultivate different preferences, and different preferences foster different attitudes towards life. 37°C upholds an attitude that is sedate but not quiet, retro but not outdated, unconventional but not dull, creating a brand-new experience of second sight.  
Panache Facade means “confidence” and “Care & Fancy Free” is the purpose of the brand. The Chinese name of the brand adopts the idiom “Morning Blossoms and Evening Moon”, which has a similar pronunciation and bears the meaning of happy moments and delightful scenery. Each finished product of the brand is uniquely made by hand based on the designer’s idea of colours, designand weaving. The productsare woven with cross-stitch cotton thread or waxed thread, added with silver accessories. Each finished product can be adjusted in length with high flexibility.    
San Lei ,Graduated from the Department of Integrated Design of Macao Polytechnic Institute and attended the “Diploma Course in Fashion Design and Production” in the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre.   Created the local independent fashion design brand“ZICS”subsequently and participated in many fashion shows and exhibitions in Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China.    
Isabella Choi developed a strong interest for fashion design at a very young age and is always thirsty for design knowledge. At the age of 15, Isabella made a decision of furthering her studies in UK.   In 2010, she graduated from the undergraduate programme in Fashion Design at the Kingston University, London. With her passion for fashion, she established her own fashion brand, Nega C. in Macao, hoping to incorporate creativity into daily life, and understanding it with right attitude.   Brand:Nega C. The fashion label was established in 2011. In the beginning, the label focused on designing theatre costumes and shoes. In 2012, their first women’s wear boutique opened in Macao. Later, they expanded their lines to cover ready-to-wear women’s clothes.   “The life you love, the love you live” has always been the design principle of Nega C. The label loves life, creating fashion for active women, unrestrained by age. Living a leisurely life is their main concept, fusing with street culture, music, and art to create a style that is cute, naughty, and hip.