Based on the principle of devotedly creating every leather product, Genuine Recipe is dedicated to designing leather products that meet personal preferences of different customers according to their habits the way a chef serves different foodies with proper recipes.   Click here for more brand information    
Epoxy resin handicrafts were once extremely popular and most handicraft enthusiasts may have tried the technique. Although AB resin and UA resin can both create crystal-like effects, UA resinis a better choice when it comes to accessories production, for it dries faster and is suitable for making multi-layered products. Click here for more brand information              
Earlylink is an original design label founded in Macao. “Early” is its design concept and “Ink” symbolizes a medium that combines culture and creativity, an original medium that produces inimitable works.The label pursues creative freedom, using innovative materials to create practical yet elegant items featuring refined and balanced texture. The goal is to bring a brand-new visual feast and experience to its customers. The primary collection of the label is a series of unique fashion accessories made with marble composite materials.   Click here find more brand information    
The brand is dedicated to distinguishing customers from other women with a chic and tasteful style. High-quality, comfortable cotton is used to make every piece a long-lasting essential in customers’ wardrobes.    
The Chinese Cultural Exchange Association initiated the campaign “Macao New Eight Scenic Spots” in 2019 to gather social forces and wisdom. It selected eight scenic spots representing the new image and course of development of Macao through a global vote, in order to promote Chinese and western cultures and the city image of Macao. After the voting results were announced, the Association invited prominent young designers from Macao to design cultural and creative products themedas “Macao New Eight Scenic Spots”, so as to promote them to the world and drive the development of Macao’s cultural industry. In the end, four series of cultural and creative products by designers Karson Wong, Leong Keng Kok, and Wong Sin Kei were launched on the market. They were the “Eight Scenic Spots of Vigor”, “Eight Scenic Spots of Stone”, “Eight Scenic Spots of Light and Shadow” and “Eight Blooming Flowers”.    
In 2018, he founded his own brand, YMDH. He advocates to reflect the unique street culture of Hong Kong. With “”Kingdom of the Underground” which integrating the culture of the Qing Dynasty of China and rock style, he won the “Best Footwear Design Award” at 2017 “Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest”. In the same year, together with a Hong Kong brand, he launched the first Collaboration or Crossover Limited Edition.   Brand:YMDH Founded in 2018, YMDH (You Make Daddy Happy) demonstrates personality by incorporating street style, history, and culture, and the journey of cultivating a new form of street fashion. The essence of YMDH lies in exploring infinite possibilities of streetwear, starting a fashion adventure, and coming up with audacious ideas.   Click for more brand information